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Introducing Our New Maturing Mama Food Category by Jenny Atkins of Real Food By Two Moms

Introducing Our New Maturing Mama Food Category by Jenny Atkins of Real Food By Two Moms

We have exciting news for all our readers- Maturing Mama has been working with Jenny Atkins of Real Food By Two Moms (click here for Canadians) to develop a food category. There is no shortage of struggle when it comes to feeding our kids healthy and wholesome food. Thankfully Jenny Atkins is here to provide some guidance (and some very yummy recipes) for all our readers. Keep reading to learn more about Jenny! To navigate to our Food page, simple click Food on the navigation menu above.

I’m Jenny – I’m a wife, pilates instructor, health coach, author of the family-friendly healthy cookbook Real Food By Two Moms, a mother and most important (after much internal debate) I am ME!  I wear many hats and the one I seemed to forget most was the latter.  I was so focused on keeping my family and friends happy and healthy I often forgot about myself.  I’ve come to this blog to lend a helping hand in the kitchen and also to learn from you.  

I absolutely love teaching moms ways to introduce a healthier lifestyle to their families. I have my own picky-eaters and I know that it’s not just aseasy as saying, “spinach is good for you…eat it!” So I’ve learned to tweak recipes, hide veggies, introduce them in fun ways, be strict and not so strict, splurge on ice cream, persevere with broccoli, not to stress if one day they only want to eat bread and mostimportantly find the right balance for my family to feel confident that I am giving them the healthiest meals I can. 

I wrote Real Food By Two Moms with my best friend, Gemma, when I was living in Dubai.  My husband is an interior designer from Australia, and his work had us traveling the world and living our lives as expats for 7 years.  We lived in Indonesia, Malaysia and Dubai and had two beautiful daughters along the way.

My life abroad gave me a lot of insight into the different cultures of food and to realize there isn’t one right way when it comes to healthy eating. Finding what’s  “right” for you is what’s important.

I am an American from Los Angeles and Gemma is from the UK.  We are two moms or mums who became friends over sharing recipe ideas and empathizing with eachother’s hysterical tactics to get healthy food into their little ones’ bellies. Being of two nationalities, with two styles of cooking and two sets of vocabulary, we did our best to merge our terms, temps and recipes into one book.  In conclusion we ended up using both Fahrenheit / Celsius and inches / centimeters so I hope these recipes can be easy to read for everyone across the world.  

I have been in the health and fitness industry for over 15 years, teaching people how to feel better and live healthier, happier lives through diet and exercise.  But my focus changed when I became pregnant with our first daughter in 2013.

Even though I felt confident in adult health and nutrition, I wanted to learn more about children’s unique nutritional requirements. I became a Certified Health Coach with an emphasis on children’s nutrition and prenatal and postnatal wellness.

My philosophies are simple. I focus on eating whole foods while keeping in mind the macro and micro nutrient building block system. When you understand this simple structure, it’s very easy to create healthy well balanced meals for you and your family.
For more information or personal suggestions please feel free to email me at

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