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Natural Wax Melts By Heart Home Pacific Northwest

Natural Wax Melts By Heart Home Pacific Northwest

You’re having an evening with company at your house. You did your best to make your home seem elegant and relaxing for your guests. I mean the kids are in bed anyway, so why not make it seem like you have a bachelorette pad. 

The best decor items are put on display. You know the ones you hide away from the kids. You put out the expensive hand soap in the guest bathroom and a hand towel that doubles as an accent piece. 

Upon taking a quick look into the guest bathroom to be sure there’s toilet paper, you’re hit with the smell. The smell that tells you, your kids have not only recently used this bathroom after you told them not to, but they’ve likely spent time playing in there too. 

It’s this odd combination of sweaty kids, dirt and poopy diapers. When you want a touch of elegance that takes your guest bathroom from “the potty” to “the powder room”, Heart Home Wax Melts is your go to! 

Made with natural products so what you breathe in is free of toxins. Especially ideal when your goal is to keep your guests from suffering an allergic reaction to perfumes.

My home is a coconut oil home. Our coconut oil functions as a moisturizer, hair conditioner, antiseptic- so naturally an air freshener makes sense to add to the list.

My little guest bathroom was filled with the light and warm smell of lavender. It suddenly seemed untouched and sophisticated. The type of bathroom you would want to do your make up in and not solely use like a gas station bathroom. 

I use Heart Home Wax Melts in my home office as well. My home office is the room I want to take me from mommy mode to CEO mode. These wax melts literally change the atmosphere in a room.

When was the last time your home smelt glamorous?

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