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Natural Products to jumpstart your Clean Lifestyle by Daisy Betance

Natural Products to jumpstart your Clean Lifestyle by Daisy Betance

What does clean living mean to you?

The responsibility lies with in the impact we make on our body and planet. Clean living puts the health of our bodies and the Earth first and results last.

Little Buddha has taken a stand to put focus, energy and effort into the small batch of natural products. Here’s Daisy to tell us more:

We aim to deliver clean products that jumpstart your clean lifestyle.

We handcraft all natural & organic products in small batches from bath bombs, natural lip balms, dry shampoo powder, essential oils, bath and body products, skincare products, and more. All our products are infused with with reiki energy and lots of love & care.

What makes us special is the care that we put into each product we offer. Every one of our products has been specifically curated to promote an overall state of well being without harming our bodies or the world around us. We offer an eclectic array of goods that are produced in small batches to ensure quality and enhance their healing properties.

Natural ingredients are used in place of chemicals and are sourced from homegrown suppliers in the US. These all foster a dedication by us to assist you in rejuvenating your soul and energy while simultaneously being clean for your household.

We are always transparent with what we produce so our customers know exactly what they are getting without any surprises. Little Buddha is passionate about raising the bar for what natural care products can be.

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