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The Riots on Behalf of George Floyd – Exchanging violence with violence

The Riots on Behalf of George Floyd – Exchanging violence with violence

I honestly did not want to have to speak on this. But I’m frustrated and I need to stand up for those that desire to speak up without stooping to the level of those that have hurt us.

I remember my family’s first time living in a Caucasian community. At age eleven we had moved from the Carribean to Canada.

I remember being followed through stores by staff. I remember being with my Caucasian friends at the mall and being the key focus of the security guard’s attention. Just me. I remember being accused of dangerous acts when I had done NOTHING.

I’ve never stolen anything. I’ve never been in a gang or fought anyone.

But my time spent in my community watching the actions of those that looked like me, proved that I was rightfully being targeted by security guards. I could not be trusted because of the vast number of my own black brothers and sisters that decided to constantly break the law.

What could I say? My people group are filled with those that have fought injustice in an educated and peaceful manner, as well as those that have fought in anger and with violence.

The riots happening presently in the defense of George Floyd is NOT helping those like me. Those like me who would be targeted and falsely accused of crimes.

I remember researching the marches done by Martin Luther King Junior and Malcom X. Those that fought injustice in a respectable manner that was effective. They fought with their words and without riots. They fought in a manner that exposed them to potential danger without the intention of violent retaliation.

These are black icons that went through a lot to get us to where we are today. No matter the fact that we are still targeted by some small minded individuals- we have come very far from our past of inequality. Let’s not un-do the progress that was made.

Whatever your race, if you are fighting for the rights of black people- please do so in a way that brings us dignity and respect.

I don’t want to destroy buildings and hurt police officers for the sake of cruelty that was done by these particular cops. What does that prove?

Sure it shows that we are in fact angry. But throwing a tantrum does NOT get the message across that we want to be heard.

I want the justice system to know that no matter the color of my skin, I am a respectable human being. I am capable of showing respect just as much as I deserve it.

You may treat my people like we’re delinquents, but I WILL prove you wrong! Not by acting the way you expect me to. Not by giving in to the desire to exchange violence for more violence.

I will NOT insult the hard work our African American leaders of the Civil Rights Movement have endured.

I hope there are more like me out there willing to fight with respect.

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