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Nourish Your Skin with Helena Lane Organic Skincare

Nourish Your Skin with Helena Lane Organic Skincare

Apparently my braces and glasses had a secret conference with my face and they decided it was time to perfect my look by adding acne.

I’m sorry to say that in desperation, I bought powerful acne cleanser and lotion from the local pharmacy. This brought on the dryest skin I’ve ever had! For days nothing has been able to quench my thirsty skin. My acne cleared up for a brief period before I started scratching at my dry skin so much that they started coming back. 

What showed up at my door step just in time was Helena Lane Organic Skincare. An all natural skin care line that feels so good on my skin! Much better than those acne skin-care products did. Since starting to use this product two days ago, my skin has become baby soft!

But that was only the start. My acne was still there for a few days but the desire to scratch at my face and pimple pop was not there. My face felt soothed. Soon, my acne disappeared. I used the cleanser regularly as well as my favorite moisturizer.

The smell is so yummy. It smells like a spicy tamarind candy I ate as a child when we lived in Trinidad. I absolutely can’t get enough of it. I notice that after rubbing this moisturizer on my acne scars, they soon began to fade. 

The mist would have to be the most convenient skin care item. As I go through out my day, I don’t always feel like washing my face. But it can really use freshening up mid day. So I spray the mist on and add moisturizer over top. Voila! Soft and supple  skin. 

Here’s Helena to explain the care she puts into her natural skin-care line:

We are lucky to live in a time with lots of information about how things are made, how our body works and how the two interact. I see no reason (other than making money) why skin care products should contain ingredients that are even potentially unsafe. 

It makes me sad and mad that the skin care companies with the biggest voices are not always giving out the most honest information. 

I wanted to create a line that covered all the bases. Clean, effective, luxurious, affordable and honest. My customers trust me, that’s very important to me.

My products are made with just a few ingredients each, six at the most, and the ingredient list is written in common names too. I want customers to be able to read and understand the label, so they really know what they are putting on their skin. I use only certified organic ingredients, to protect our health and the health of our planet. 

They are sorted into collections – Nourishing, Balancing and Calming – so it’s easy to choose what you need. There is also lots of information on the website and I write two blog posts every month to cover topics in more depth. 

Customers can expect to be welcomed into our community of people who feel empowered as they are using great products, hand-made by women in my community. 

The products themselves are beautiful to use and really effective, so expect great positive changes to your skin. They can also expect great customer experience and support along the way if they need it.

I believe the one product from our shop that every home can use is the Chamomile & Calendula Repair Balm! It used to be called “Everything Balm” for a reason… bumps, bruises, cuts, diaper rash, cracked nipples, sun burn insect bites… it’s safe for all ages too.

Also, Chamomile & Calendula Sun Cream is vital in the summer months. 

Helena has an ongoing 15% off sale to help support us all during Covid-19. Use code SELFCARE15 at the checkout.

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