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Refined Style & Handmade Beauty – WA MOGA 29 Modern Japanese Artisans

Refined Style & Handmade Beauty – WA MOGA 29 Modern Japanese Artisans

Thank you to all those being sensitive to the importance of staying at home. This is a time to enjoy your home and make the most of each decor item displayed. 

Now more than ever your home needs to make you feel content and at peace in this stressful season.

Decor items incorporating elements of nature can be calming and bring inspiration to a room. WA MOGA 29 does this with bold colour in a minimalist design. 

Here is Reiko, the creator to tell us more:

Our herbarium bottle is more than just a home decoration. The flowers and plants look more lively and vibrant, yet they give a calmness to busy minds. 

The miniature enchanted forest in the bottle would give people an illusion of being under the water and make them relax.

Whichever collection / bottle would be selected, there will be some sort of emotional connection between the viewers and the bottles.

For us, art is the way we express who we are and share our beliefs with others. We believe everything has its own unique character and there is nothing “perfect” in nature, which makes it perfect. It is natural for us to see things in imperfect condition. 

Although the idea is simple, it remains challenging to experience what is real and what is not in the world we are living in. The first step people can take to make a change in their day to day lives would be to pay more attention to their surroundings. 

Because if they do, there would be things and values that they didn’t notice before. The change could be subtle, minor in the beginning but people will witness the difference as time goes by. 

As mentioned, everything has its own unique characters and it certainly applies to our herbarium bottle. 

When we attended the local trade shows and events, our booth received a lot of attention by those of different age groups, genders, races and cultural backgrounds.

Inclusivity is part of our brand identity and we are very proud of the fact that our creation is accepted and loved by such a diverse audience.

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