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Making An Isolation Style Hug

Making An Isolation Style Hug

A month into this pandemic and Zoe is missing her grandparents like crazy. We try to FaceTime everyday and even made a special donut delivery last week. But, there is nothing better than a hug to feel connected to the person you love and miss!

Today Zoe and I made a hug to send to her Nan and Grandpa.

  1. First, we traced her head and arms.

2. Zoe wanted to paint so we painted the hug. She likes to mix her colours so it ended up looking a little like tie-dye.

3. After drying, we cut it out.

4. I wrote a poem on the front and Zoe signed her name and drew a face.

Because of germs we cannot touch
But don’t forget I love you so much
Here’s a hug for when you miss me
Hopefully you’ll soon be with me

Tomorrow we will drop it off at their door making sure to maintain social distancing.

Like anything she gives them, I am sure they will cherish this hug and the thought she put into it.

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