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Before You Become Overwhelmed Remember…

Before You Become Overwhelmed Remember…

Before You Become Overwhelmed Remember…

Uncertainty was always there… We’re simply now made more aware of it.

Can you truly tell me you knew what to expect moment by moment with each passing day?

If the phone rang, you knew it would be good news. When you got up in the morning you knew for a fact that everyone you have a relationship with would still be alive.

Not once did you consider the sky falling on us. Not once did you consider a world wide pandemic.

Your faith was in what you anticipated would happen. However, the uncertainty was still there.

Now we find ourselves afraid of the future. Many of us are dealing with anxiety and making rash decisions. Buying up all the toilet paper in fear we have to use news paper!

Truly though, you never acted out in fear before when your day was going “as planned”. But truly your day was never really in your control to begin with. So that same faith you had in tomorrow being a good day, you can hold onto that.

And the most helpful thing to do instead of worrying is to pray to Jesus Christ. He’s truly the only one capable of taking full control.

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  • So true. I think in our day to day loves we walk blindly to what could come, which is sort of comforting. We know that life could change at any minute but now knowing that there is this virus that is changing everything can be unsettling.

    It’s important to look at what this situation is improving I dm your life. Like for me I get to spend all day with my family. We get to learn, play and grow together.

    • That’s exactly right! Focusing on the exciting aspects of this new season is key. Perhaps even taking the time to day dream about what you have to look forward to within your day.

  • It’s so hard with my anxiety. I’m basically having to take things one day at a time. I constantly have my husband reminding me that God has a plan. It’s just sometimes hard to accept it in such uncertainty!

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