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Turning Your Waste Into High Fashion – Gege Fashion Infinitely

Turning Your Waste Into High Fashion – Gege Fashion Infinitely

« I’m inspired to create innovative and unique fashion that puts our environment and communities above all… Fashion-Infinitely.»
Genevieve Joly

Moms know all about waste. We know how to waste. We know what to waste. We know when to waste. And no, we don’t like wasting at all!

I remember upon becoming pregnant with my first girl Esperanza, moms warned me to pay attention to the clothing I have. Don’t save clothes for particular events. Don’t worry about not wearing something in fear of stains. Just try to put her in every outfit that fits.

I quickly learned of how right they were when leaving the hospital with our new born not in newborn sized clothing, but in clothing one size up! She was huge! I wasted so many outfits the moment she was born.

Now let’s look at meal time with toddlers and when introducing new foods to babies. Have you noticed how much food ends up in the trash after an attempted meal with the kids?

My oldest will even say she’s done eating and the next day we’ll find her food hidden on her chair. I’m almost positive there’s a serving sized portion of food left on the baby’s clothes after meals. Baby-led weaning is “the proper way” but most of it ends up in their hair and thrown across the room.

Yet we parents desire to leave a thriving and sustainable world behind for our kids. A world that recycles and up-cycles. We may be limited in what we can preserve when it comes to the food we feed our kids and the clothing they wear. But there are many shops that do the work to help our world thrive.

Gege Fashion is one such company that does not sacrifice quality for sustainability. Up-cycling has taken over the fashion industry. Some up-cycled fashion looks questionable and like the trash would have made better use of it. But when you find that one business that sets the bar for up-cycled fashion- that’s Gege Fashion!

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