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Quality & A Hug In A Cup with 3 Teas

Quality & A Hug In A Cup with 3 Teas

Confession time, I’ve had organic tea go moldy on me before it’s expiration date. I know cringe! And it was one of those situations wherever I was in such denial and so trusting of the brand that I kept sipping on the pungent moldy flavor. Don’t worry I didn’t finish the cup.

This has never happened to me when drinking a generic brand tea. But let’s be honest, if tea goes moldy it means it’s in its purest form. (Kind of like comparing the time fresh baked bread takes to get moldy compared to shelf bread- shelf bread can go for weeks compared to the few short days of fresh).

In all honesty my encounter with moldy tea was likely because I didn’t store it right. Which now that I think about it, I did put it into a different container than the one it came in. Palm. Head. Smack.

Finding a brand of tea you can rely on that’s not from a large name brand can be tricky. But it’s well worth it once you finally do!

3 Teas is one such company that pays attention to the finer details of bringing you a perfect cup of tea. Here’s Lesley to tell us more:

3 Teas is committed to providing our customers only ethically produced Terrific Tasting Tea. Our philosophy is simple, you don’t need sugar or chemicals to have great taste!

We source our teas from the best suppliers and tea estates from around the world. Whenever possible we strive to find organic or high mountain grown teas that need the least amount or no  pesticides. 

Our teas are packaged in stainless steel tins to prevent light, moisture and oxygen from decreasing the shelf life. Teas stored this way will remain fresh for up to two years. 

We try to minimize our ecological footprint by using recyclable or compostable packaging and shipping supplies. 

We have over 30 different types of tea to choose from. Some of our most popular teas are our Organic Cream Earl Grey, Organic Strawberry Green Tea and our Blueberry Herbal Tea.

Our Organic Lavender White won a bronze medal at the World Tea Championships in 2017 and is one of our all time favourites. No matter what your tastes are we have a tea that will suit your lifestyle.

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