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Defend Yourself with Fashion – The Artimas Company

Defend Yourself with Fashion – The Artimas Company

As a teenager my mom had me do things a bit differently than my other friends’ parents would. When requesting to go out alone with friends she would ask the average questions like where and what time. Depending on if the location was far away or the time was after dark would she then ask, “are you taking boys with you?”

If we said no she would say we couldn’t go until we took a few of the guys, (who’s parents she knew), with us to keep us safe. My mom was a single parent. She was aware of how the world treated women when unaccompanied by a protective man.

She did not believe for a second that I was capable of defending myself against a man if attacked in anyway. And honestly I can hardly push away an unwelcomed hug. I am definitely not very strong.

Now for me as a mom to two girls, I am very much aware of the dangers present in every facet of their lives. Nowadays it seems you can not truly trust anyone. I look at my oldest little girl and see her body slowly maturing into a young lady and I realize I need to teach her how to defend herself.

Today there are numerous items available for women to defend themselves. But nothing comes close to The Artemis Company’s self-defense jewelry created by Lauren Gwin.

Lauren has found a way to make self-defense easily accessible and unnoticeable by predators in the form of jewelry.

Here’s Lauren to explain how she came up with this necessary and fashionable accessory:

I had the idea that inspired The Artemis Company back in my freshman year of college. After encountering my own experience with sexual assault in high school, my eyes were opened when I got to college to just how prevalent these types of issues are for women – especially on a college campus.

I looked at the current self-defense tools being offered to women like pepper spray and keychains and I saw a huge gap in these products between functionality and practical application. I thought to myself, ‘There has to be a way to create a sort of self-defense tool for women that isn’t bulky, or out of reach in your purse, or a bright neon pink color.’ That is when I came up with the idea of integrating self-defense tools into something beautiful that inspires confidence in most women – jewelry and accessories.

When I designed these pieces, I wanted to make them as easy and simple to use as possible. Some of the pieces, such as our Tassel Spike Necklace, our Gemstone Spike Bangle Bracelet, or any of our rings, are designed as simple striking devices.

However, I wanted to add variety to our collections so you will also find pieces like the Triangle Whistle Necklace that reaches sound over 180 dB or the Spike Cuff Bracelet which is actually designed to help remove you from someone’s grasp. Each piece has its own unique way to use it, and you will find more information about their use on our website as well. 

It’s time to put sexual assault in the past with The Artemis Company.

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