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Thinking About Abortion…

Thinking About Abortion…

Thinking about abortion to me is like thinking about…

My child just having been diagnosed with cancer. I sit with the doctor with my child next to me as he explains that it makes more sense to end the life of my child instead of putting her through chemotherapy when there is a chance of her dying in the end anyway.

He looks at me with sincerity in his eyes as he says the words, “Is it worth it?”

He lists all that can go wrong while battling cancer. He lists all the hurt our family and friends will experience as we watch our little girl battle cancer. Watch her suffer as we ourselves suffer.

He explains that if she dies we will carry the weight of the torture we put her through as well as the torture we put ourselves through.

Or we can make life easy on ourselves and her… Say our good byes… And end it now without the uphill battle against cancer and not knowing exactly when the end will come.

Would you do it? Or would you believe that this little girl is worth the fight.

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Someone greater than me made her for a reason and it’s not for me to say she’s done living. Because the same way her life can end slowly as she battles illness- mine can end suddenly from walking out in front of a bus.

It’s not for me to know or control when someone takes their last breath. I don’t know how a baby is perfectly put together time and time again in a mother’s womb without her assistance in picking the right eyes, ears, nose and organs.

But I know that because I didn’t put that baby there and give it breath of life- I have no right to take that life away. I didn’t create it. So I can’t end it.

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  • Thinking about abortion makes me sad. As a mom who is ttc I have a hard time hearing about people who want to abort their children.

    Here I am desperately trying to get pregnant and then there are people out there making tiktoks about their abortions and dancing all loud and proud.

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