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Keep Calm & Wash Your Hands Are you afraid of COVID-19???

Keep Calm & Wash Your Hands Are you afraid of COVID-19???

So in all honesty I did not think it would get this bad. I figured everyone was freaking out over nothing. (Although I still don’t understand how hundreds of toilet paper rolls will help you).

But here we are, our family of four on lockdown. We are on quarantine not because we are deathly ill, but because we all have flu like symptoms.

I am honestly so greatfull to everyone that is doing their part to keep from spreading germs and making this any worst. I’m unfortunately one of the few at risk because I have asthma. So thank you for keeping me alive.

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While in quarantine it can be so easy to sit around in fear. It’s so easy to become lost in our own thoughts of a potential zombie apocalypse- (has anyone noticed the trending virus themed movies on Netflix by the way?)

We always have a choice of how we view and handle our circumstances. For our family, we are so excited to be home together. I remember as international students living in Australia, there were time periods during our school break when we had no employment and were stuck at home. All we had to do was stay home and make the best of our unemployment.

We had very little money and food, but these were the best time periods for us as a family.

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So here we are once again in a season where we are left with very little income as we wait for Employment Insurance to come in. And all I can relate this season to is Christmas. We are doing so many family crafts, meals and games together. We’re getting through that list of “To-dos” that every family has that never gets done.

We know life will pick up again very soon. Soon time spent together might not be as relaxing as we try to squeeze it into our busy schedules. So I encourage you guys to make the most of this season of sickness.

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