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Rent Designer Brands with Luxury Fashion Rentals

Rent Designer Brands with Luxury Fashion Rentals

I have a confession to make. I’ve held you hostage for too long. You deserve better. You deserve to be seen by others. You deserve to be out of the house- out of my closet. My Gucci purse. You’ve been so good to me. But I’ve locked you away, only to bring you out once, maybe twice a year.

In a moment I ought to bring you along, I am limited by my choice of outfit. If only you went with every color, style and season- I would take you everywhere. You deserve better.

We are moms but we are still women- fashionable women… At least we desire to be. But often times practicality of motherhood limits our ability to put our selves first- especially concerning our fashion sense.

It makes no sense purchasing the brand name items we desire to have, only to wear them a handful of times throughout the year. But no mom wants to take the baby bag along on an evening out away from the kids.

Introducing Luxury Fashion Rentals. Your one stop shop to numerous luxury brand name handbags to RENT! It’s practical and affordable. With classy brands such as Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Louis Vuitton… A limitless selection of brand names!

You no longer have to commit to one handbag for life and hide it away for most of your life. You can switch up your handbag look without fear of collecting more hand bags than you’re able to use.

Not to mention, let’s be honest, the more time a brand name item spends in your home, the more chance it has of getting touched by the kids. Get it shipped to your door when you need it and send it back when you’re done using it. Only pay for the time you use the hand bag.

This is your opportunity to keep up with the latest fashion trends without sacrificing your family’s limited funds. You no longer have to choose between something for the kids or something for you. Luxury Fashion Rentals wants to give you time to prioritize yourself.

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