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Super Fruits – Taking Your Skin Care To Another Level with Queen B

Super Fruits – Taking Your Skin Care To Another Level with Queen B

Super Fruit in your skin care regime?! That’s taking skin care to a whole new level with the Queen B collection!

Queen B uses Fresh Squeezed Wisconsin Seeds to create healthy skin!


Queen B’s product line has something for every member of your household, to get your man’s beard in kissable shape, your nails on the mend, exfoliate your beautiful face, and comfort a sunburn. 

Their simple and effective 4 step system makes skin care a breeze and the best way to get glowing skin!

Queen B’s lotions are all plant based. Which means that they are food for your skin. They carefully research each ingredient making sure that it is safe and beneficial.

You will not find phthalates, formaldehyde, sulfates, parabens, artificial fragrance or petroleum derived ingredients in their products.

All of their lotions include a healthy dose of 100% pure cold pressed cranberry seed oil. The result is a nourishing lotion that your skin will love!

Maturing Mama Kyler got her hands on Queen B’s nourishing skin care line and here’s her experience:

“As soon as I opened my box from Queen B, I knew this was an exceptional product. A beautiful aroma immediately hit me deep into my actual soul and I could not wait to try these products on my skin.

I received the Fresh Fruit Interfusion Anti-Aging Facial Moisturizer, Face Mist, and Cranberry Seed Oil. Every single one of these smell heavenly, and feel incredible on my skin.

The mist and moisturizer make my face feel like a million bucks. My youngest son has a bit of eczema on one of his arms and I cannot wait to use the cranberry seed oil regularly to help sooth that area.

Beyond just the product, the packaging was absolutely beautiful and you could tell the owner takes a lot of pride in their products. I highly recommend purchasing from Queen B.”

Super Fruits are good enough to eat and to take your skin care to a whole new level. Go to to shop now!

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