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Keeping Nature Close By – NThandmade Jewelry

Keeping Nature Close By – NThandmade Jewelry

Nothing lasts forever. The weather that brings joy and cheer for the Christmas holiday season, also brings death to most of the beautiful aspects of nature. A beauty that is here today and gone tomorrow. Photos hardly do it justice.

So how astonished I was, on this cold winter morning, to open a package that held beautiful lush flowers in their brightest form! These flowers were frozen in time, enclosed within numerous pieces of jewelry.

Perhaps they were dried out before being combined with jewelry. But a closer look showed no resemblance to that of a pressed flower, in it’s dry and brittle state. These flowers looked alive and soft to touch. Flourishing as though in a large field on a warm summers day.

What a way to keep the beauty and warmth of summer close by. NThandmade Jewelry has taken fashion to another level with these fine pieces. A perfect statement piece to add a pop of color to any outfit. It’s not too late to add these to your Christmas list! Go to

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