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“Buying Black” – What This Means & Why It’s of the Utmost Importance

“Buying Black” – What This Means & Why It’s of the Utmost Importance

Imagine this for a moment. You’ve entered into a country that is not your home country. It’s skin care and hair care products are made with the majority of this country’s residents in mind. This does not include your skin type nor hair type.

You finally find a store with products that treat your hair and skin with what it needs to thrive in a healthy manner. However this store is one of few causing it’s sales to be low and product prices to be very high.

The idea of “buying black” is not one understood by many. In an effort to help Maturing Mama audience understand what this concept means and why it is of the utmost importance, we have BLK+GRN to explain:

Buying Black and living green is the BLK + GRN mantra. Buying Black allows us to vote with our dollars. We determine what people grow and thrive, and what brands don’t. When Black people are making products for us, it just makes sense for us to buy them, because they were often made with the Black needs in mind. 

On my own wellness journey, I started off by just looking for natural products. Once I realized the importance of buying Black, I only wanted to purchase natural and Black owned brands. There is power in our buying dollars. Basically, our buying habits decide which brands thrive. So BLK + GRN is an avenue to make sure Black owned brands thrive.

With my doctorate in public health we know that products marketed to Black people, have tons of chemicals and dangers. Black people spend so much on personal care and hair products, it is imperative that we cut out the toxins. So BLK + GRN was born as a place to buy toxic free and Black-owned products. 

For centuries, Black women have always solved problems.  Not only do we provide a marketplace to purchase products, but we are also cultivating a community of like minded health conscious business owners. In this community, not only can we support each other, but we can also provide feedback so that each brand can elevate and grow to be better. 

We want to carry more products created by BLK + GRN. Over the years, we have searched the Black owned marketplace and we know what products are offered by Black artisans. We know that we have some gaps, and we want to fill the holes. We want to work on eliminating unnecessary waste.

We will create a dry cleaning reusable bag so we can eliminate plastic dry cleaning clothes bags. We will create produce bags for the grocery store, so we can eliminate the produce plastic bags that we throw away. We will carry reusable zip loc bags, so we can eliminate the zip loc bags from the trash can.

We want to reach more customers! So we will figure out ways to get in more magazines and have more media highlights, so folks know about us.

Here’s your opportunity to help a health and environmentally conscious minority business thrive! Go to to shop!

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