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Changing the Way We Gift – From:Auntie App

Changing the Way We Gift – From:Auntie App

It seems that moms have more on their shoulders today than ever before. Weekends booked with birthday parties, sports, and errands often means that the words ‘weekend’ and ‘relaxation’ are not paired with each other for most of us unless we can manage to make time for it. How many times have you left birthday gift shopping for the last minute?

You’ve got enough going on, so you figured you’ll get the gift on the way to the party. But this doesn’t reduce the stress, it intensifies it. You wrangle the kids into the car and pull into your local store, you speed through the toy aisles hissing questions at your kids about what kind of toy their friend may like. Finally, you either grab a toy that you’re unsure of, hoping that the gift receipt will make up for it, or you settle on a gift card. You and your kids reach the party, possibly a little disheveled, and you feel like a winner—or maybe you just feel like a survivor. 

There are some gift buying alternatives that have offered some convenience for us, like online shopping, but then that would require time for planning that we don’t always have. Then there is the in-store pick-up option, but honestly wouldn’t it be nicer to skip the stop at the local store altogether? Now, that would be game changing! 

What if you could avoid the last-minute rush to the store and have the best gift choices all at your fingertips? I’m not talking about placing an order for next day delivery. Like I said that’s not always convenient for last minute needs. You could be unsure of the size or color to order, and sometimes the product is disappointing once you physically have it in your hands. I’m talking about an app that makes last-minute gift shopping stress-free and leaves you with a sense of pride about the gift selection you made. From: Auntie is the app. 

To be clear, From: Auntie is more than an app. With the use of QR codes, From: Auntie was able to combine the app with products that offer you the ability to give multiple gifts without leaving your house or waiting for it to arrive. 

These products, or “inserts” as From: Auntie calls them, are the perfect form factors for gifts. They can easily be tucked into any greeting card of your choice and the QR codes mean that you can “attach” some pretty awesome gifts to the inserts: cash, savings, investments, gift cards, and more! 

I am referring to a new way to gift! By ordering packs of inserts and sets of greeting cards—and keeping them in that convenient catch-all drawer that we all have in our kitchens—you’ll never have to stress over weekend birthday parties again! Now, when a birthday party, or two, or three, fill up your weekend; just pull out the inserts from that kitchen drawer, open the From: Auntie app, build your gift, and scan it on to the QR code. Tuck that insert inside a greeting card and done! 

Allow me to breakdown the evolution even further for you! The From: Auntie inserts will replace your need to run to the ATM for cash or to the store for gift cards. Your smartphone’s camera and our app handle the rest by giving you multiple gift options unparalleled by anyone else in the gift shop market. 

The From: Auntie app may not reduce the number of parties, or the need to balance all of your kid’s weekend activities, but it can remove one of the causes of un-needed stress. Truth be told, most of us love ubering our kids—and sometimes their friends—to their events. There is a sense of fulfillment that comes from all that soccer-momming. But, why not remove the anxiety and tension of last-minute gift shopping if we can?

The From: Auntie app will be available for you to download just in time for the busiest shopping season of the year—you’re welcome! Check the app store on your Apple devices this Black Friday! In the meantime, visit to see for yourself how this company will change the way we gift! 

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