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The Days Are Long, The Guilt Is Strong… But I Keep Pressing On.

The Days Are Long, The Guilt Is Strong… But I Keep Pressing On.

When I first started this blog I remember a friend of mine asking, “how do you keep up with two kids and run a blog?” I remember at the time shrugging my shoulders and saying, “I just do”.

In all honesty… Painfully. As this blog grows in popularity and turns into more of a full time job, it gets harder and harder. It hurts more and more. Why?

In all honesty the hardest part about where Maturing Mama is at right now is the learning curve. It’s like I’m training this muscle I’ve never used before to give my all at this venture.

And the hardest aspect of this training ground is being a mom and wife. Constantly feeling like I have to do everything and constantly feeling guilty when I’m doing one thing and not the other. Any other momprenuers been in this position?

When I’m working, I’m thinking about all the chores that need to get done. When doing chores I’m thinking about the work I should be doing. And through out all of this the guilt of not spending enough time with my kids is strangling me.

I guess the real question to sum up this entire season is… Will it be worth it?

Starting this blog has given me an outlet for expressing my struggles and not feeling alone. It’s given me the feeling of productivity and striving to be my best self with the support of the online community.

It’s been hard trying to push through the guilt of being a working mom and yet it’s helped me to be more present with my kids within our time together.

It’s not always encouraging pushing this business forward. I see the numbers and the sales. When numbers don’t go up, it’s as hard as having a group of people standing in front of me talking me down. Asking questions like, What are you thinking? Or saying, you’re a failure so just give up!

It’s a stressful season. But still, I want to be here and I want to build that entrepreneural muscle. One day I’ll have it all figured out and go through the motions as easy as riding a wave. For now I’ll keep pushing against the current.

Until then, the days are long. The guilt is strong. But I keep on pressing on.

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