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An Eco-friendly Method of Staying Warm This Winter

An Eco-friendly Method of Staying Warm This Winter

In the words of that TV show everyone loves that I find annoying… Winter is coming!

No, no, don’t leave. I swear there are better qualities about me than that. Like my obsession with being not just warm but toasty during this cold season coming up.

Currently, all blankets are out and lying on the couch. Candles are going. I am carrying around my tumbler full of piping hot tea like a security blanket. And as I’m sure you’ve all noticed, I wear beanies indoors all the time. Actually even in summer I did that haha.

But being toasty is much more comforting and relaxing than simply being warm. What’s not comforting is the idea of a high electric bill because of my need to be toasty.

So what I need is something that holds heat for a long period of time. Something that’s soft to cuddle with and not so hot that I have to worry about it burning me. Maturing Mama Kyler recently had the opportunity to test out the Hot Cherry pillow. A pillow that takes comfort and relaxation to a whole other level. Here’s Kyler to tell us more:

“We recently received a heat pack from Hot Cherry. It was packaged very nicely and felt like great quality right out of the box. This company actually uses cherry pits to fill their heat packs! What a smart, eco-friendly way to repurpose something that we all so easily discard on a regular basis!

I was very impressed to learn about this incredibly innovative idea, that’s actually a Swiss tradition! But, I still was skeptical to see whether it would actually work. To be honest, I was also a little worried that we wouldn’t be able to use it at our house because we haven’t owned a microwave for many years! Within the contents of the box was a beautifully printed sheet of instructions. I was pleasantly surprised to see that along with microwaving, there were instructions for heating the pack in the oven!

I knew we would really be able to test these packs because my husband works a very labor-intensive job and his muscles are always sore. When he got home I let him know I had something I wanted him to try for soothing his muscles and he gave a little bit of a snicker because we have tried many different options and nothing does much at all for him.

I followed the instructions on the sheet and was happy to see I wasn’t wasting a ton of electricity heating this one thing up in my oven. As soon as the oven heats up to the designated temperature you turn it off and place the pack in there until the time is up.

The moment I took the pack out of the oven was when I realized exactly why this company is called Hot Cherry. For goodness sakes, the whole thing smelled like delicious cherry pie! Not in a concentrated, plug-in air freshener kind of way, but a natural, subtle, cuddle up on the couch kind of way.

I immediately brought it to my husband and he placed it where he was feeling most sore. After a good amount of time I checked with him and he said he was really feeling the tension release from his muscles! The pack stayed warm for a good amount of time as well.

I am a big believer in and consumer of small businesses, especially women-owned, and I am so happy to have tried this wonderful company. Such a fantastic idea and a really well put together product. All the thumbs up!!”

You can get your Hot Cherry Pillow here:

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