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Simple, Honest Ingredients – Pretty Little Savage Skin Care

Simple, Honest Ingredients – Pretty Little Savage Skin Care

When I think of most store-brand skin care, I think of ingredients lists full of words ending in “-ate”, “-phyl”, “-ium” and “-oxide”. To most of us non-Chemistry majors, these are about as comprehensible as ancient Greek. 

Smothering my body’s largest organ with these mystery cocktails makes me nervous: especially when my skin reacts to some ingredient, but I have no idea what triggered it. It’s like playing Chemistry Set Roulette!

The push for simple, honest, easy-to-understand ingredients has been led by environmentalists, consumers, and concerned parents alike. And as someone who considers herself firmly in the second and third categories, it’s always exciting to find someone who’s gone a step further: manufacturing safe, natural, and effective skin care products. 
Beverly Baker’s Pretty Little Savage line offers so much of what I was looking for.

It’s amazing to discover how many remedies the natural world right outside our doors has to offer! The line is made entirely off the grid in small batches, from ingredients often harvested from plants on Beverly’s own property. No preservatives, no alcohol-based perfumes, no added fillers to dress it up. Just the power of nature, and nourished, healthy, glowing skin!

I recently had to opportunity to try the Geranium Facial Toner, and Ylang-Ylang Facial Serum. When their package arrived, I was pumped!
The first thing I noticed as I opened the beautiful little bottles was the smell — the botanical ingredients definitely come out in the aroma of these products.Geranium and ylang-ylang essential oils are go-to’s in the world of aromatherapy, prized for (among other things) their mood-boosting, antidepressant, and anxiety-reducing properties. And I have to say, the smell as I was applying the formula was so relaxing, just like a spa.

I have combination skin — dry in the winter, oily in the summer. I applied the toner first, then the serum, after my shower. I have to say, the combination of the facial toner and serum both helped to control the oiliness (without that tight, dry feeling that you get with alcohol-based toners), tone my pores, and give my skin a noticeable glow. Thumbs up, for sure! 

Pretty Little Savage also infuses their formula with vitamins to promote cell turnover, including Vitamin E, that holy grail of skin food. Vitamin E is an antioxidant well-known for helping to prevent free radicals from breaking down cell walls, causing your skin to lose moisture and age prematurely. 

I could see myself using these regularly, so it’s good to find a natural brand that also aligns their formulas with science, to keep me glowing for years to come.

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