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Partnering with Africa’s Female Artists – Binga Basket Shop

Partnering with Africa’s Female Artists – Binga Basket Shop

At Maturing Mama, we do our very best to be mission-oriented. We want to bring you, the reader, content that encourages and inspires. We want to lift women up. 

So when I get the chance to work with a business that not only offers beautiful and functional pieces, but is as mission-oriented as we are, I get excited! 
Here’s Binga Basket Shop!

“Some years ago, my sister told me about these talented, artistic women in her Binga town district who made beautiful baskets from natural material: mainly ilala leaves, small vines, and wild grass. The reason she told me was that she knew I was naturally inclined to African art and supporting women’s projects. So I made a trip to the various weaving regions of Binga to witness it for myself. 

I am an epitome of African pride, and I saw this as a chance to bring global awareness of the treasures found in my country (which are derived from natural, renewable resources), as well as showcase the creativity of the people involved in making the products. 

We operate from a humble, small-scale set-up: that is, my store room. While we are still undergoing renovations, I try to minimize fancy frills so that I can maximize giving back to my community.
Our prices are very competitive on a global scale as compared to large decor stores. We believe a little goes a long way, and we even wholesale to art galleries and retail shops.

I believe in a principle from the ”ancient book”: 
“Everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, but whoever humbles himself will be exalted.”
Because of this, our customers are the core of our business and we make a special effort to attend to their different needs and requests.

However, what mainly sets us apart is our emotional connection with the artists, and our desire to uplift the lives of the women and youth involved in making these products. We aren’t just there to explore and make a profit; we have the opportunity to connect, to eat, play, and sleep with the families in their humble homes, which are huts made from grass and mud. 

Now, in working with these communities, we will help enable them to send their children to school, as well as bring them access to sanitary-ware and basic forms of communication, in terms of cellphones with WhatsApp capabilities.

Our products transcend boundaries, and speak to the hearts and minds of our customers on a global scale. The uniqueness of our products exudes pride and confidence, and shares a glimpse of the untamed artistic beauty of Africa with the world! We offer more than home decor and organic skin care: we offer a story of creativity and culture.”

Follow the link to shop with Binga Basket Shop: And be sure to follow @bingabasketsandart on Instagram to keep up with their latest designs.

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