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How to Combat Dirt With Charcoal – Simply Tiff’s

How to Combat Dirt With Charcoal – Simply Tiff’s

“Once manufactured, Activated Charcoal is an extremely absorbent substance that can help bind to and draw microparticles, such as dirt, chemicals, toxins, and bacteria, to the surface of the skin, making them easier to remove. Thus helping to deep clean, reduce pore size, and balance oily skin.”

– Tiffany, Creator and Owner of Simply Tiff’s

Let’s begin with the fact that my mom’s response to my new found discovery of charcoal was, “Duh Chanelle! We used that growing up. It’s very good for you!”

Mama always knows best. She then explained that when she was younger growing up in the Carribean, it was simply common knowledge that charcoal was the go to for hygiene products. These products they made themselves!

Large brand products for hygiene today have become harsher to our skin; with it’s combination of chemicals for unique fragrances and colors. Going back to a natural ingredient is not only better for our skin but our overall health as we stay clear of chemicals we do not need.

When using Simply Tiff’s charcoal soap, I saw the results of it’s ability to draw out dirt under my armpits! My armpits are darker than the rest of my complexion. I thought this was just the way it was until a room mate in college pointed out that this was infact a build up of dirt and dead skin. Something that she worked vigorously to remove weekly from her armpits with piping hot water and a wash cloth. I was in no mood to fill my time scrubbing at my armpits to get its color to change- dead skin or no dead skin.

When using Simply Tiff’s charcoal soap, I did nothing more than what I would usually do with any other soap. I washed myself. Then within that first week of using this soap I lifted my armpits to see that it was lighter in complexion! It looked similar in color to the rest of my arm! I feel like a model now. With armpits fit to be shown off to the world!

Using Simply Tiff’s charcoal mask showed the dirt removing ability of charcoal within my pores. My pores are often clogged. I have oily skin and ideally I ought to be treating this by washing my face regularly. But what Mama has the time?

Using Simply Tiff’s charcoal mask a few times a week keeps my pores in check so my skin is always looking fresh. Not to mention during that PMS season of the month when my face reverts to its teenage self- I finally have some back up to decrease the chance of acne.

“I would only recommend using the mask on normal/dry skin once per week as the charcoal can cause the skin to dry out.  On acne prone/oily skin you can use it 1-2 times per week.  For those with severe acne just starting with the Simply Tiff’s skincare products, I would recommend every day for 3 days to soothe and reduce inflammation of current skin condition.”

– Tiffany, Creator and Owner of Simply Tiff’s

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