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Supporting My Husband’s Dream – The Wright Wood Shop

Supporting My Husband’s Dream – The Wright Wood Shop

Ask any cook — whether five star chef, or busy housewife — what every kitchen needs, and they’ll probably say a good, sharp knife. 

What that trusty knife needs most? A good cutting board!

Watch most cooking shows, and you’ll notice that the chefs — from Jamie Oliver to Martha Stewart — opt for a sturdy wooden piece. This is no coincidence: studies have found that plastic cutting boards are notorious for hiding leftover bacteria in those inevitable cut-marks on the surface — and alternative work surfaces (such as stainless steel and glass) are quite harmful to your knife’s cutting edge. 

Wood, meanwhile, not only isolates and starves bacteria: it is tougher and more resilient than plastic, it helps keep your knives sharp, and let’s face it — it looks great!

No other material compares when it comes to sanitation, knife maintenance, sustainability, and – let’s be honest – how it looks on your countertop.

But where to find a quality, affordable, and all-natural piece?

Introducing The Wright Woodshop! 

Beautifully finished and wonderfully unique, these products are handcrafted with love by husband and wife duo, Jack and Melissa, in their own woodshop right at home. Here’s Melissa to tell us more: 

“Jack has been woodworking for 25 years. He finds happiness and a sense of calm when he is in the woodshop, where he can allow his creative mind to flow and use his hands to piece together some beautiful pieces of art. He has crafted many pieces of furniture — some of which we enjoy at home, and others which have been gifts to family and friends. These pieces include a dresser, a desk, Adirondack chairs, and a changing table. 

He currently works full-time as a general contractor for a company here in Kennett Square, PA where they do commercial buildings as well as residential. These jobs are no small feat — they build restaurants from the ground up, making the owners’ vision come to life! The houses that they either build, add to, or fix up are expensive projects, and Jack has built a wonderful relationship with many of his clients. 

As for me, I’m a stay-at-home mom. Jack has always said it was okay for me to stay home with our six-month-old daughter, Devlyn, so for me, this is a way for me to help contribute to our finances from home. Jack has such a creative mind and makes undeniably beautiful work, but he also works a full-time job — running our social media doesn’t fit into his schedule, and that is where I come in! I use Instagram as our main form of promotion, as well as keeping eyes and ears out for craft fairs, silent auctions for charities, and so on. In today’s society, the internet is a powerful tool for small businesses — it’s important that I do the best I can with it, so we can expand our reach to our potential customers. 

I also have the privilege of being involved with the process of creating each piece. It’s a wonderful opportunity for Jack and I to spend some time together in the woodshop, where I’ve found that I have a bit of a creative eye and a mind for ideas, and Jack gets to share his passion by teaching me about all the different tools. At times, I also get to help in designing boards, as well as lending a hand with the planer (a tool to help even the thickness of a piece of wood). It doesn’t require much strength, but with my help, we can cut the time that it would take Jack to do it on his own in half — and once Devlyn gets a little bit older, we hope to get her involved, as well! 

We offer a variety of cutting/serving boards, all of which are finished with food-safe, all natural, Butcher Block Conditioner. These boards can be used to cut up fruits, veggies, and more (though please, no raw meat) — or you can also use the boards as platters to display tasty treats at your next event! 

Along with our cutting boards, we offer some unique toilet paper holders, a wall hanging with five antique brass hooks, and coming soon: screech owl houses, wren houses, and a beautiful walnut coffee table. We also welcome any custom orders/ideas a customer may have! 

Getting to work together on this project has strengthened our partnership as husband and wife, as we need to be in communication with each other regarding orders, new ideas, and/or things we need to improve on. In a few years, we would love to be able to wake up every day and go to work simply by taking a walk to the woodshop in our pole barn on our property. We really enjoy a simple lifestyle, so we are striving to be successful in this so we can be our own bosses. All in all, though, we are doing this to be able to give our daughter the best life possible — with that in mind, we strive to make products that will wow our customers and hopefully keep them coming back!”

See links to Jack and Melissa’s shop below and Use discount code DEW10 to shop:

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