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Jewellery to Inspire Your Journey – Live with Purpose LLC

Jewellery to Inspire Your Journey – Live with Purpose LLC

Introducing a line of jewelry that illuminates your path and guides you along as a reminder of who you are and what you were made for. This is Live With Purpose LLC; jewelry for all seasons of life.

Live With Purpose Designs, LLC began as a mission to inspire and encourage. Originally created with friends, family and loved ones in mind to support each person on their individual journey. Each piece carries its own message and this is our focal point. From the beginning of our journey, healing gemstones have been the center of our passion and have been incorporated in every piece we have created.  

We strive to make each piece connect with our customers on a deeper level. We encourage customers to see which stone fits them best. You will not find our provisionally patented products anywhere else and we hope to help our customers find exactly what they need!

Our motto is: take what you need; inspiring each person to look deep within themselves and consider what it is that they need to feel their best. Do you need strength to push forward when life’s obstacles are weighing you down? Do you need Courage starting a new beginning? Hope? Guidance? Self Love? These are all things many people, if not all, need in their every day lives. 

We believe that wearing jewelry with meaning is the anchor in believing in yourself and attracting all of the positive things in life. It serves as a reminder each day that You Can and You Will Achieve. It also brings out the natural capability within each of us to conquer.

We know that our jewelry will have a powerful impact on your journey & we hope to inspire as many beautiful people as possible!

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