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Life Lessons to Live Life to The Fullest – Life Less Ordinary UK

Life Lessons to Live Life to The Fullest – Life Less Ordinary UK

‘What will you do with your one wild and precious life?’

The items you wear tell a story of its makers and their mission. It is an honor when this item displays a heart for others. Introducing Life Less Ordinary; makers of ethical jewelry that inspires others to live their best life. Here are creators Joseph and Amie to tell us more:

Life is short, beautiful and full of adventure. It is what you make of it and the sum total of all the questions you answer with an emphatic ‘yes!’ Wear your journey on your sleeve with Life Less Ordinary jewellery.

Life Less Ordinary is all about living differently. For us it’s about living with meaning and purpose. It’s a call to action to follow your dreams wherever they lead. We quit our jobs and sold our house to pursue this dream. But that’s not for everybody.

Following your dreams involves living in the moment and without regret. This makes people calmer, happier and more at peace with themselves. People who live in this way are way more likely to give out positive energy and lift others up rather than drag them down.

Life Less Ordinary is also about thinking about your own impact on the world around you. We decided to give 10% of our profits to charity. We want to make sure that our success is not at the expense of others; we make sure everything that we source is ethical and comes from factories that have good working conditions.

We all make purchasing decisions everyday based on how we feel in that moment. Following and supporting ethical brands is a great way to ensure that those decisions have a positive impact on the world around you.

And when you know you are doing no harm, you can focus instead on what you most want out of life. Not only does our brand do no harm but we positively affect the world around us. With Life Less Ordinary, you can focus on looking good knowing that you are doing good!

We support Indigo volunteers; the world’s first provider of fee-free volunteering abroad. They ensure that those people who want to give their time and energy to make the world a better place can do so without paying some third party company for the privilege. They are on the ground working hands-on to tackle the refugee crisis in Samos, Greece and have been there since the crisis first materialised. We are totally transparent with what we contribute, which is 10% of net profits.  

We want our jewellery to hold memories, start conversations and inspire people who see it to reflect on their own experiences. For this reason, all of our jewellery poses a question on the website such as ‘Where is your place in the world?’ or ‘Who will you never forget’?

Our bracelets have found their way on to the wrists of children, surfers and serving soldiers; each one with their own unique story to tell. It would be wrong of us to say who should and shouldn’t wear our pieces and we get excited when we find out who is wearing our jewellery and where they are from.

We don’t focus on our impact on large name brands! We are artisan, handmade jewellers specialising in ethical, personalised pieces.
What sets us apart from large name brands is that the bigger and better we get, the more money we give to charity.

Thank you Life Less Ordinary for making the world a better place with your small business! Where you shop and what you shop for can impact the world. Click Here to shop and support their mission!

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