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Caring for Your Child’s Eczema – Organic Barrera

Caring for Your Child’s Eczema – Organic Barrera

“I like to see Organic Barrera as not a business but a mission. To help families make better, safer, more mindful skincare choices.”
Mompreneur of Organic Barrera, Stacey

No matter what Grandma, Aunty, Uncle or the media says; mommy always knows best. 

A mom that devotes her life to her child will develop a sixth sense for what her child needs. There are times when others will argue with that. But that mother has a right to make decisions based on what her gut tells her. It is after all, in her nature to be a mom. 

Organic Barrera was created by Stacey, a mother concerned for her child’s eczema. This is her story:

When Vinnie was a baby, I tried so many different moisturizers, both over the counter and prescribed by our dermatologist. Often, out of desperation, I would go to the drug store and buy whatever new product I could find in hopes of a miracle. I didn’t realize at that time that most commercial skincare products contain alcohol, fragrance and chemical preservatives that were actually contributing to his eczema, not helping to heal it.

When Vinnie was three, my mother in law was diagnosed with breast cancer. My husband and I started taking a good look at what we were feeding our family and making more mindful choices such as eliminating packaged foods and buying organic as much as we could. One area I was avoiding was Vinnie’s skincare. I finally had it moderately under control by using petroleum by-products and topical steroids often several times a day. 

One evening, while Vinnie played in the bath, I began reading his skincare labels and researching the ingredients and knew that I must find a better, safer alternative. After trying a few natural brands and understanding their ingredients, I realized that many of the ingredients used in natural skincare products are not suitable for very sensitive, eczema prone skin.

The skin is our largest organ and some chemicals used in skincare actually absorb into our bodies. Even the word “fragrance” in skincare can mask hundreds of harmful chemicals which can compromise our skin health as well as our internal health. There are so many chemicals we are exposed to unknowingly and unwillingly each and every day. Why not give our babies and children the best start with not only nutritious, healthy, beautiful foods but also with simple, nourishing, protective skincare.

Vinnie’s skin experienced slight topical steroid withdrawal for a week period after abruptly stopping his prescriptions. I focused on keeping his skin moisturized as often as possible throughout the day, I ran a cool mist humidifier during the night and was very aware of his eczema triggers (fragrance and chemical irritants are the worst things for his skin). Overall, it took three weeks. It was hard, but I was committed.

I am so grateful that I only use our skincare to treat and manage Vinnie’s eczema and haven’t had to apply topical steroids or petroleum by-products for over four years.

Our skincare is handmade with love from simply three organic ingredients. That’s it! No preservatives, no alcohol, water or commercial fillers. I didn’t create it for the masses or for profit but for my son out of need and necessity, kind of by accident and truly out of love. 

There is such a feeling of joy and happiness knowing that my skincare and our “be kind to eczema” philosophy is benefitting other families. Our simple, handmade manufacturing also allows us to be more environmentally conscious by choosing glass for our emollients and recyclable paper push-up tubes for our Three Ingredient Balms. I kind of like to see Organic Barrera as not a business but a mission. To help families make better, safer, more mindful skincare choices.

 I have experienced judgement, comments and ridicule from not only close family and friends but also from strangers. I remember being in the grocery store and the checkout lady leaning into my stroller and asking my 6 month old baby “What is your mommy doing to your face?” After, I sat in my car and literally broke down. I felt so alone. I felt embarrassed. Totally hopeless. That’s why it is so important for me to help educate families on eczema management and prevention. Eczema can be so challenging! There will be good days and there will be tough ones. I want to be a resource for moms and dads by walking with them along their eczema journey, whether they choose to use my skincare or they don’t.

Organic Barrera is truly the essence of a mother’s touch. Click Here to shop!

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