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The Dutch Oven Kit – Embrace the Fragrance Of Marriage

The Dutch Oven Kit – Embrace the Fragrance Of Marriage

Marriage… In all honesty it’s hard! So hard that it takes a sense of humor to get through it. 

What engaged couples and newlyweds don’t understand is that you have committed to spend life with someone that has the same potential to annoy you as your brother/sister. And if you’re an only child, think of the irritating kids you had to share a class room with every day. 

No matter the fact that this person is the love of your life, this is someone you are together with every. single. day. 

Not to mention even if you both have full time jobs, you are now seeing that other person at the ultimate worst times.

Everyone else gets to see your spouse after they brushed their teeth, had a shower, their morning cup of coffee AND not to mention when they are willing to put on their best smile. 

Spouses have each other the moment they’ve opened their eyes and let out that first gust of stinky morning breath. Before they’ve had their coffee AND their first meal of the day. 

They then get to have each other after a long day at work when they are most exhausted, often times hangry, smelly from their long day and easily irritated. 

Not to mention we then endure sleeping in the same bed with someone that has the potential to release their putrid gases upon the other within the combined chamber of your blanket.

Husbands and wives; I give you the nickname for your commitment to “have and to hold in good times and BAD”… The Dutch Oven. 

After being married for 7 years I can tell you for sure it takes a large amount of humor to get through these long days together. You’ve got to be like the Joker and laugh at the scariest of situations that you’re responsible for. 

Not gonna lie, if it’s a competition between my husband and I for who’s done their worst Dutch oven, I win! And trust me ladies you’re all capable of the same. Two words: pregnancy gas. There is nothing like it. 

But what are you going to do? I mean, I personally will put up with a potential Dutch Oven for the sake of having my husband in his most relaxed state… While he’s sleeping like a baby.

Dutch Oven Kit has blankets that aren’t just perfect for driving your spouse crazy. These blankets are high quality with plush fabric similar to the soft fur of a teddy bear. Click Here to get your loved one a Dutch Oven Kit!

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