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Cherish A Bouquet That Lasts With The Luxury Bouquet

Cherish A Bouquet That Lasts With The Luxury Bouquet

I’ve had a love hate relationship with flowers in the past. I remember after performing dance recitals in highschool, I would see peers given beautiful bouquets by their family members. They would walk around holding this bouquet with their heads held high like Ms. Universe. I envied them. But I knew flowers were not a practical gift for me from my family. To buy something that would only last a week and to watch it wilt away. Every petal falling in it’s dried up state like dollar bills being torn to shreds.

After I met my husband and we started dating, I told him how pointless I believed flowers were. “Get me something practical! Don’t ever waste your money” I told him. Then came my first Valentine’s Day with him. This was a special day for me because I had never had a Valentine before. Jesiah came to my door with a single red rose and I felt like an absolute princess. I cheerished that rose. In the days ahead I saved every petal as it fell. Storing them in a safe place in an attempt to preserve the moment. The feeling. That moment where I decided to let go of practicality and accept a gift that was simply meant to make me feel like royalty. 

The first time I saw a shoe box of roses that claimed to last a year, they were in the arms of the classiest looking woman on social media. Her following was high. Her clothing was expensive. She stood in the room of what looked like a mansion. And I was to assume a very wealthy lover had bought these for her. 

I thought to myself, would a woman like this truly cherrish a bouquet of roses that lasts a year? Or would it be just another high priced item in her home? I thought to myself that the one that receives this gift should know that this item is priceless. It ought to be treated like the red rose under the glass jar in Beauty & the Beast. 

I wished in my heart to hold a similar bouquet in my hands. To be reminded of that first Valentine’s Day with my husband. That moment that it wasn’t about the practicality of the gift, but about taking a moment to feel like royalty. To think that I can have this bouquet- this feeling in my heart for a year! That is what makes these roses by A Luxury Bouquet priceless. Go to to shop now!

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