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Making Healthy Delicious With Biota Fermentation

Making Healthy Delicious With Biota Fermentation

Healthy is trendy! Millennials are now more interested in the health benefits of the foods going into our bodies than how it feels going in.

Chefs are now tasked with finding ways to make healthy food just as desirable as unhealthy food. Their discoveries will surprise you! Top of the list is a healthy drink that’s just as desirable as a sugary soda. This is Kombucha!

After trying this bubbly and sweet tasting drink from Biota Fermentation, I am left scratching my head as I wonder, how the heck can this not be a sinful treat?

Here’s Brad, a specialist in fermenting foods at Biota Fermentation; located in the beautiful city of Vancouver. Biota Fermentation create high quality products with a focus on natural and traditional methods of fermentation in small batches. Their products are guaranteed free of preservatives and stabilizers.

“Fermenting food increases the vitamins within it, while making it easier for your body to absorb nutrients and increase digestion function. This is what makes fermentation beneficial to more than just your taste buds. Kombucha in particular is high in B12 vitamins.

Our customers love the Jasmine Lychee so much that it is our number one selling kombucha. Also, our Grapefruit Mostarda has a bit of a cult following. 

Kombucha works as a great chaser for alcoholic drinks, too. I love a Moscow Mule or a Dark and Stormy with it. But gin is the magical adult beverage that goes with any kombucha. Barra 41 and Edible Canada are always doing something fun with our kombucha in their mixology programs.

We love using our fermented products in all of our meals in some form. The acidity of the products really brighten and balance any meal. Anything from kimchi fried rice to a beautifully simple wheat berry salad with our curry cauliflower. There are plenty of ways to incorporate our products into your food”.

When purchasing a product for it’s health benefits, it’s worth making sure the maker is focused on this as well. Biota Fermentation values bold flavors in its healthiest form. It’s time everyone enjoyed eating healthy! CLICK HERE to see more delicious products.

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