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Finding A Sense of Calm With Che Illustrated

Finding A Sense of Calm With Che Illustrated

Art can be soothing for the soul. This is true not only for the recipient of a piece of art work, but also for the artist as they work on it. Here is Eliese, creator of small business Che Illustrated to tell her story:

Calm… So so calm. I’m often an easily stressed person and drawing has been a lifesaver in these moments. 

While I am drawing I become so absorbed in those little tiny details that the rest of the world disappears. 

A few years ago I dealt with severe depression and a panic disorder. It got to the point that I was unable to work. I loved to draw, but had barely picked up a pencil those last few years. Family members suggested I ought to get into this once again as a coping mechanism. So drawing became a place for me to be calm and to put my feelings in order.

A piece of art work on the wall within a room changes everything! As someone who has moved around numerous times and has not put anything up on the walls for 4 years- I can honestly say that this is an important aspect of the room. 

I’ve recently been able to put up my artwork and a few by other artists. One of my favorite pieces is Gloria Ho’s shark in a suit. It changes the whole dynamic of the room. 

The artwork I choose is always fun and quirky. But if I were to change the subject matter or the style of art, I could easily change my home from quirky to serious or classy. 

The frame around a piece of art work also impacts the atmosphere of a room. I like to pair my art with funky frames that are often chunky or have bold colours. Not so it’s distracting from the artwork, but so it lends to the warm quirky atmosphere.

I used to do really simple drawings. Looking over the past few years I’ve challenged myself to use more detail and to try different materials. 

Taking comissions for my work was terrifying at first. Especially because quite often I get fuzzy photos to work from. This can really be a challenge as sometimes I really have to guess at how certain parts or things look at different angles or even when details are lost in the photos! 

I love watching my customer’s reactions after they’ve seen their finished product. Grown men and woman often get these goofy smiles. I really want there to be that sense of whimsy! 

Choose a piece of art that has impacted the artist as much as it will impact your home. CLICK HERE to shop!

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