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A Keepsake By A 4 Yr Old’s Hand – InKind Store

A Keepsake By A 4 Yr Old’s Hand – InKind Store

Happy Birthday Mom!

My mom has been the ultimate single parent! Truth be told, when there is only one primary care giver, this role still has to carry the weight of two parents. If you asked me as a child who I was to my mom, I would have said “a princess!” My mom stepped up in making sure I knew my identity in her eyes.

I believed my mom went above and beyond in her role as a mom… That was until she became a Grandma to my daughter Esperanza. 

Esperanza was born in Australia while my mom lived in Canada. She was my mother’s first grandchild. My mom came six times to see Esperanza within the three years that we lived in Australia. Now, my mom is not rich. She sacrificed a lot to make those six trips. 

My mom boasts that Esperanza’s birthday was the best day of her life. (It turns out her birthday was also my parents’ wedding anniversary?). 

I thought I was a princess in my mom’s eyes but Esperanza has taken this role to a whole other level! They have a bond that is unlike any I’ve ever seen between a grandmother and granddaughter. So of course on my mother’s 60th birthday I had to get her a gift that represented the bond between her and my little girl. 

InKind Store takes keep sake jewelry to a whole other level! Owner and designer Kaitlyn, asked me to have Esperanza write her name the best she could. And of course for a four year old, this displayed a unique style in her hand writing. 

I took a photo and sent it to Kaitlyn by email. The next day Kaitlyn completed and shipped a necklace with the exact layout of my daughter’s hand writing on it. 

My mother was speechless. She listed out the names of every grand parent at work that she will proudly display her necklace to. She declared to Esperanza that she will never take it off.

I think this is probably the best gift I’ve ever given to my mom. I recall past birthday gifts that got the response of a slight chuckle. But this response was a five minute lecture stating detailed points of what she loved about this necklace. (She’s an English teacher with two master’s degrees, so naturally…)

My mom often misses my daughter and longs to have her near. So in giving her this necklace with my daughter’s imprint, it’s giving her the reminder of Esperanza’s love to her, for the world to see.

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