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How to make the most of multitasking…

How to make the most of multitasking…

Strangely enough I learnt this one from a step mom while she was pregnant with her first baby. A step mom that has her step kids periodically throughout the month for days at a time. Her wisdom just confirms my theory that God will always equip you for what he’s called you to do.

She was in her second trimester at this time and her pregnancy seemed very similar to how mine went. She was constantly tired and had a hard time eating everything.

I asked her how she could manage keeping up with full-time work and visits with her step kids. With both my pregnancies I had to stop working because I was so burnt out. I had absolutely no energy. I literally lived in bed for nine months.

This step mom gave me words of wisdom. She said, “even if I’m asleep in bed and I have the kids in bed with me watching TV. I make the most of it with where I’m at”.

I often have this theory that if I can’t give it my all then what’s the point? Like, if I can’t be in a completely quiet room alone with my novel, then what’s the point of reading a novel? If I can’t have the entire house clean, then what’s the point of cleaning one room. (So you can imagine the state of my house most days).

But that idea of making the most of my time with where I’m at, is truly the only way a mom can do it. Not to mention for me as a mom-entrepreneur that works from home. This means that on mornings when I’m a zombie and have an insane amount of blog posts to write for clients, I can sit with my kids while they’re playing and slowly get work done as I periodically take cat naps.

The other night my four year old came into my room when it was her bed time. I often work best at night while the kids are asleep. But she didn’t want to sleep in her bed. She wanted to be near me. So I had her curl up beside me and sleep as I worked.

Some days it’s having my time reading the Bible and praying while I’m sitting with the family watching TV. Maybe eating dinner on the floor with the kids while we play a game together.

Life suddenly looks a little different with multitasking, but one thing remains the same, we do everything as a family.

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