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If You Are NOT Encouraged Unfollow/Unsubscribe

If You Are NOT Encouraged Unfollow/Unsubscribe

I try my best not to look at the profiles of mom bloggers with over 100k+ Followers. This morning I just so happened to land on the pages of two of these moms.

You know the ones I mean. Every photo is perfect! Their homes are pristine. Their hair and make up is always done. Their kids are not grubby in the slightest manner. It is literally like looking at the lifestyles of real life Barbies. And it hurts!

One particular mom has a photo of her just after giving birth. Her make up is freshly done. Her hair is neat as though she had just put a flat iron through it. It’s portrayed as the moment the doctor has just put the baby in her arms. And she looks so graceful. As though she had just hiccuped and the baby came out.

I looked at this photo and asked the question, “Why didn’t I look like that after giving birth?” I mean, I don’t know about you but I was an ugly wreck after every time I gave birth. I looked sweaty, greasy and I was so drugged up that I looked high.

This is what these Instagram profiles make me do. I begin to compare my life to these social media celebs. I ask questions surrounding the idea of:

  • “Why am I not like them?’
  • “Why do my kids not look as put together as theirs?”
  • “Why is my house not as clean and decorated?”
  • “Is this really what I’m capable of but to exhausted to try?”

And my series of questions end with one final question… “Why do I even bother trying?”

I don’t know that these social media celebs know that this is the way the average mom feels when looking at their profiles. Perhaps this is just the way they do life and they are simply portraying that. Perhaps this is their full time source of income and they put their best effort forward as any other entrepreneur would.

Here’s my point: It’s not worth it to follow or subscribe to my profile or blog if it leaves you feeling less than encouraged. It’s truly not. Not for me. Not for my family. I don’t care about the money as much as I care about your soul. I care about your state of mind.

If after leaving my social media account you feel like you are not good enough as a mom, wife or human being; then please simply unfollow me.

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  • I love this because it is so true! I love your blog because you’re real and you are beautiful but you don’t look like a Gucci model all the time. When I look at blogs of moms that look “perfect” in every photo, I feel exactly like you described; insecure. But, I’m always thinking, it’s either staged or this person is just a one off, it’s not most moms’ (or women’s) reality.

    • That’s exactly right Iana! I imagine it is staged or a one off situation. It’s unfortunate how much it can hurt followers more than help.

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