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My Dreams Are Coming True! – Dream Orthodontics with Dr. Amani Morra

My Dreams Are Coming True! – Dream Orthodontics with Dr. Amani Morra

It wasn’t long ago I talked about how self conscious I am about my smile. It’s been so great beginning the journey of gaining a confident smile with Smile Siences Whitening Kit. (Click Here to read this post) But in my heart I knew my smile still has a long way to go.

The things I desire about my smile is, to not have to look for my good side when getting ready to take a photo. The left side of my smile is currently the most crooked. So much so that there are times I look like I’m missing teeth when a photo is taken of me from this angle.

I don’t exactly have a lisp when talking but I definitely feel there is quite a bit of effort needed for me to sound out my words properly. When looking at videos of myself talking I just think I look a mess. So although I love being on camera, I hate watching myself afterward.

There are also times candid photos of me are taken and you can see clearly that my jaw alignment is so off.

So there’s just so much to look forward to with a straighter smile. I am so glad I started this blogging journey with my imperfect smile. I definitely do not believe anyone should wait till they are their ideal selves before getting out there in the world. No matter your imperfection, your story is still worth telling.

That being said, I was so blessed to choose South Surrey Dream Orthodontics to give me my perfect smile. You can tell the staff at this Orthodontic Office have so much care in their hearts for each patient. I felt very comfortable during my consultation with Dr. Amani Morra and her staff. They were relaxed and didn’t mind that I had to bring my crazy kids along. They were so patient.

The consultation was thorough! I’ve actually had consultations for braces before. These were in moments I felt hopeful about being able to pay the fees. (Of course these times didn’t work out). Within these previous consultations the orthodontist literally just went, “smile… open wide… ok, here’s what you’ll need to pay!”

These times were not comfortable for me. It felt like the clinic just wanted me to give them my money and they couldn’t care less about the heart behind giving someone a confident smile. There was a lot of fast talking and throwing around words I didn’t understand.

In these moments I was so excited to get straight teeth that they could have offered to take my kids in exchange for a straighter smile and… well luckily my husband was in the room. He gets very nervous when someone attempts to market something to him in a pushy manner. So if he’s not comfortable, he will be sure to run for the hills.

This was not the case with Dream Orthodontics. They were patient in explaining this two year procedure to my husband and I. They took multiple photos of my simle from the inside out and explained why these steps needed to be taken. At the end of the appointment, there was no pushing for the date to start the procedure. They offered Jesiah and I take the time to discuss how we feel about all of this before booking an appointment.

Tomorrow’s the day! Tomorrow I get a mouth full of wire that I will proudly sport to the world. The only thing I’m nervous about that I only just realized is… kissing my husband. It will be a bit uncomfortable for the next couple years. I really didn’t think about that. But maybe this will give him a taste of how it feels kissing him with his beard. I’ll do it, but it ain’t very comfortable.

If you’re from the Surrey, Langley, Vancouver, British Columbia area and in need of a straighter smile, Dream Orthodontics is the place to go! Click Here to see their website. Be on the look out for follow up posts about my journey with Dr. Amani Morra.

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