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Esperanza & Izabella’s Princess Party – Out of the Rain Character Events

Esperanza & Izabella’s Princess Party – Out of the Rain Character Events

Every girl dreams of being adored, doted upon and celebrated. Every girl dreams of being a princess. I’ve often dreamt of what it would be like to have my greatest idol walk into a room and befriend me. Then for my friends to show up and for my idol to assure everyone that I was important to them. Can you imagine?

As a mother, I want my girls to know that they are important. That they are worth celebrating. Especially in this day and age when girls are so easily bullied and encouraged to be anything but themselves. They are taught that to be themselves is not what gets them friends or gets them noticed.

It took all I had within me to not burst into tears at the sight of my girls’ faces when Elsa, Belle and Tiana from Out of the Rain Character Events walked through our front door. My four year old Esperanza was awestruck when Belle called out her name. It’s a good thing I put her in pull-ups as a precaution. Because I am almost certain she wet herself when they asked her to come sit with them.

I felt like I was in the presence of royalty with Elsa, Tiana and Belle. They were so graceful and carried themselves with such confidence. Even with the twenty plus children running at them. The services of Out of the Rain Character Events were above and beyond what I expected for a kids party. The parents were even getting into all of the singing, dancing and activities! It was that entertaining.

We were so honoured to have the opportunity of being the first party to have Princess Tiana present. Especially for me, as this character is the first African American Disney Princess. With both my daughters being half Ari-Caribbean and Caucasian, it’s always important to show them the beauty within both races. The diversity presented within Out of the Rain Character Events is a speciality! A celebration of the beauty within every race.

The part that truly touched my heart, was when Belle announced a father daughter dance for Esperanza and her father Jesiah. I couldn’t believe it. It was like we had entered a fairy tale. They danced to the sound of Belle’s beautiful voice. Of course my husband was so nervous because he’s not a dancer. But Elsa showed him how to lead Esperanza in their dance. It was the climax of the party for me. It was in that moment that I felt like a princess. Because of course the most important thing for me as a mother of girls, is to see my girls being shown how to be treated by a man, by their father.

Out of the Rain Character Events turned my girls’ birthday party into a programmed event. Before they got to the party, my daughters and their guests were sitting on the couch watching television. I thought to myself, is this really what this generation has come to? That it no longer comes naturally to play together with friends in the room.

Belle, Elsa and Tiana knew exactly how to turn our gathering into a true party. The kids all participated, they all wanted to sit on the princesses laps and hold their hands.
This birthday party was a combined one for my four year old Esperanza as well as her one year old sister Izabella.

Izabella was your typical grumpy baby through out most of the party. Not wanting anyone else to hold her except me. And I was getting exhausted. My arms were tired from carrying her and she kept pulling at every part of me. That was until Belle picked her up and started to sing to her. Izabella relaxed into Belle’s arms and she just starred at her. As if she knew she was in the arms of someone very special. I couldn’t believe it.

The princesses crowned Esperanza with a beautiful tiara much like Princess Tiana’s. And when it came time to do a group cake smash, I was so happy to see the princesses unafraid of getting their dresses messy. They got right in there and had fun with the kids.

The parents were completely blown away. And I felt honoured to have had my party exceed their expectations. There’s magic waiting to be experienced from Out of the Rain Character Events. And no party is complete without a little magic.

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Special thanks to Maven and Mirth for their beautifully arranged decor. They can be reached at to take the stress out of your party set up.

Photography by Brenden Wren.

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