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An Easter Match – Flair & Flicker

An Easter Match – Flair & Flicker

Spring is in the air! And with this comes Easter. I love the Easter holiday. It’s not only because both my girls were born in the month of April. But during this season, I get the same excitement I would during the Christmas season. 

The sunny days and warm weather along with brightly coloured dresses matching brightly coloured flowers. I don’t know if it’s the extra Vitamin D, but my mood is lifted to a whole other level. 

I have a long list of occasions to get dressed up for. My daughters’ birthday party. Good Friday church service. Easter church service. The family lunch and Easter Egg hunt. I’ll need at least four different outfits and not to mention, there’s a three year old looking to me for inspiration on what to wear. 

Any other moms of girls out there notice that your little one will always want to portray a similar apparel as you. One of my daughter’s first words was, “match!”. She would yell it out the moment she noticed the slightest similarity in our wardrobe. 

Now I’ll be honest with you, I’m not one to dress the family in matching colours or patterns. Haha, I hope to never be that family. But I still feel the responsibility to indulge my daughter’s desire to model after her mom. 

How timely to then come across these beautiful matching necklaces from Flair & Flicker! My daughter screamed her signature word at the sight of them, “MATCH!”. 

These cotton tale bunnies are a perfect highlight for the season. I love it’s earthy apparel with its feature piece consisting of wood. These necklaces coordinate with any outfit even while standing out. And the best part, they are hand-made with a mother’s touch. 

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