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Living An Authentic Life – All I Want To Be Is… You?

Living An Authentic Life – All I Want To Be Is… You?

Some of you may already know this, some may not. But I actually did the instagram journey a number of years ago. Only half a year in and I deleted it. I had to.

I started my journey on instagram with the desire to encourage postpartum moms like me. However this then turned into me wanting to look like the social media accounts with larger followings and superficial messages. In doing this, I forgot myself in the process.

You see, my goal in being on social media and blogging is to not portray myself in an ideal and perfect manner. It is instead to show the beauty of living an authentic lifestyle. I want to be honest about the times that I don’t do things right in an effort to learn from my mistakes.

I find that so often we moms can adopt the belief of, “fake it till we make it”. But if we continuously fake being the perfect mom then how is it we can be honest about the times we need to ask for help.

When I was on instagram years ago, I got caught up in trying to portray an ideal lifestyle in order to get my audience to see what they want and not what they need. A lot of it became a fake portrayal of myself and my struggles.

There are times I believe that if I am not like everyone else then I’m not worth having around. This is especially hard when everyone around me is portraying only the aspects of their lives that can come across as perfect.

The thought echoing in my head is then, “I must be living life the wrong way”. So in an effort to adopt the perfection I see in someone else’s life, I try my absolute best to act just like them. Then maybe I’ll begin to get the same confidence and blessings they have.

We are all different from on another. And that’s so important in the world we live in. If we were all the same then rather than having many people playing different roles to help society, we would only have doctors. Or perhaps only writers. Maybe only fashion bloggers. Can you imagine a world where you have to seek medical advice from a fashion blogger? (Not saying someone is not capable of playing both roles).

My point, be you! This world needs YOU! It does not need any more Chanelles. It needs YOU! And when you’re honest about who the real you is, then you can work on being a better you. That is and forever will be my prayer, “God help me to be the best Chanelle you intend me to be”.

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