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Am I Beneficial?

Am I Beneficial?

Write down five people in your life who have benefited from knowing you?

Is that too tricky?

Ok how about three?

Still no go? Alright one?

Come on you gotta be able to come up with one! And try to think past your husband for “intimate reasons” and your kids for simply keeping them alive.

How about someone that benefitted from knowing you emotionally?

I can easily think of those I have benefited from knowing. Infact I can list off people I’ve benefited from that I only spotted from across the room!

You know that one mom that has a long line of ducklings, (children), behind her while carrying one on her arm like a hand bag. Mean while she doesn’t look like she’s ever been pregnant.

And she has not only managed to keep these kids in a straight line, but they all look stunning! Like right out of a magazine.

Then suddenly you notice something off about her… It shines like a glimmer of hope; the baby she carries on her arm just exploded poop all over her dress.

And you breathe a sigh of relief as you realize, she is just as human as you are. And you’re not going to tell her anything. You’re going to soak in the fact that you are both one in the same.

Yup! What a beneficial moment that was.

Anyway it’s been recently drawn to my attention that especially us moms, have a hard time keeping account of those who have benefited from knowing us.

We just as easily however, come up with a list as long as our arm, of people who have suffered from knowing us.

Like that poor grocery store clerk that did not want to experience your emotional break down after he told you they were out of your favorite Hazelnut coffee creamer.

At church last week I learned from our pastor that it’s actually very healthy to remind ourselves of who we are beneficial to in our lives and why.

When I first heard this idea, I laughed out loud. Literally… Everyone turned and looked at me. And when challenged to write down the names of those who have benefit from knowing me, I outrightly said, “I am not doing that!”.

And I was very much prepared to stand my ground. That was until a friend whispered some words of encouragement in my ear, “Chanelle JUST DO IT!”.

That was all it took. And I did it. It’s so hard to get past those initial feelings of selfish pride. But once I did I suddenly realized something about myself… I’m worth having around!

Especially as I continue to battle with postpartum depression, this is so important to know! Unfortunately not everyone will walk right up to you and tell you, “hey, this is how you’ve benefit my life!”

But that doesn’t mean that you haven’t! That doesn’t mean it’s not important that you know this! Everyone has been a benefit to someone. It’s time we figure out who that is.

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