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Are you living for today?

Are you living for today?

We just lost sweet baby Evy this week. If you don’t know who that is, you can search up #evystrong to hear more about her story. She’s impacted so many lives while battling a rare brain cancer called AT/RT that happens to babies.

This was definitely a hard journey for me to follow on social media as I battle postpartum depression. Everyone stood along side Evy’s amazing mama Julia as we kept up with every update on her health and prayed continuously.

Honestly the only way I could stop myself from entering into a deeper state of depression over this was to focus on the marketing side of my blog. Sorry to all those that have been waiting for a post that bares a little more of my heart and less product.

For the last month I fought with my thoughts of fear. Fear of God’s love being a lie. Fear of what truly comes after death. Fear of where this world can possibly end up in no time.

Evy’s story highlighted the true horrors of this world. A world God did not intend for his children.

Today as I sat in church zoning in and out of the sermon, I was hit with the realization… If I don’t accept that there is life after death I will continue on this path of despair. I won’t be able to hide from it.

The only way I can truly allow the sadness of precious Evy’s story to overwhelm me, is if I accept that this broken world is all we have. And that the moment Evy closed her eyes there was nothing else to come.

But that’s not the truth! As I zoned in and out, listening to my pastor’s preaching, one line that came out of his mouth hit my heart. It was a line I heard from God the day before; “we are not meant to live for today. We’re meant to live for eternity”.

God was explaining to me just the day before that there are some who call themselves Christians, that desire their lives on this present earth to bear the aspects of perfection found in eternity.

In doing this they become selfish as they desire a world that assures their comfort and well being now. And I believe it makes sense, but it’s not right.

I mean if this world was all there was and no more, then you can guarantee I would be buying whatever I want, whenever I want and throwing caution to the wind concerning everyone else. I mean YOLO right?…

But that’s not the case. The reality is that this world will come to an end for all of us. For some it will be in a scary way and for others it will be peaceful. But what matters most is what will be forever. Not what will only last a moment.

So I choose to live for eternity. I choose to accept that Evy’s life was for a great purpose that she is being rewarded for in heaven! It is not the end at all. But a graduation!

I can’t see heaven but that doesn’t mean it’s not real. The same way I can’t see through your eyes but that doesn’t mean you’re not real. This is faith!

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