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Have Your Cake, Eat It Too… And It Taste Like Cake! – 2 Guys With Knives Gluten Free Meal Delivery

Have Your Cake, Eat It Too… And It Taste Like Cake! – 2 Guys With Knives Gluten Free Meal Delivery

Have any of you been following the television series The Good Place? If you haven’t, you should! Oh gosh, it’s hilarious. Well, spoiler alert!… They’re actually in the Bad Place! Dun dun duuuuun.

And what’s the only desert present in this “pretend” Good Place? It’s Frozen Yogurt of every imaginable flavour! That should have hinted to them from the very start that it was the Bad Place. Frozen Yogurt is alright. But to live an eternity without real ice-cream and constantly having the pretend kind? I could never!

My husband Jesiah and I have come up with a fool proof game plan in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle at home. We will only have food in the house that are as natural as possible with the purest of ingredients and solely whole grain. Included in this are deserts.

This meant that I adjusted desert recipes with healthier substitutions. However well intentioned this may seem… the flavour was filled with disappointment. My husband hated coming home to what appeared to be freshly made brownies. Only to take a bite and taste bananas. Or to have a muffin that looked moist only to have it crumble like ashes in your mouth. Oh gosh, I better stop there before I lose all my readers.

I think we’ve literally given up having deserts in the house just so we don’t get scarred from our experience of a “healthy desert”. We figured we will simply have to wait till we go out on a date or out to a restaurant with the kids to have the delicious taste of an unhealthy desert… but now we have 2 Guys With Knives!

2 Guys With Knives Meal Subscription has DELICIOUS desert items that are healthy! Cue standing ovation.

The Raw Vegan Chocolate Macaroon Pie was the first container my husband snatched up. I mean just look at it. It looks like the most deliciously sinful desert. Then after taking a closer look at its healthy contents, he begrudgingly put the container into the fridge.

It only took him an hour to change his mind and race to the fridge. Quickly sticking a large forkful of the chocolate pie into his mouth before thinking about the risks and then… a gasp and one word, “Whoa!” I had to pry the container out of his hands to have a taste myself and he was right!

It had the light and fluffy texture of chocolate mousse. The crust crumbled in a manner similar to apple crumble. It was heaven in a bite. It was a miraculous experience! Healthy desert that left us longing for more!

2 Knives With Guys, I take my hat off to you. You did it! You did what no one thought could ever be done. Does anyone have a handkerchief?

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