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Postpartum Couple – 2 Guys With Knives Gluten Free Meal Delivery

Postpartum Couple – 2 Guys With Knives Gluten Free Meal Delivery

Have you ever heard of the idea that when a wife gains weight throughout pregnancy, the husband follows? We thought this idea was an old wives tale until we saw it play into action.

One month postpartum we took family photos to display the new addition of our little Izabella. These photos came out beautifully, except for one thing… Jesiah and I both looked over weight. We looked at these photos in shock as we saw for the first time where our bodies were now storing fat.

In the past we’ve both been pretty fit people. Jesiah has always been physically active with playing the drums, hiking and going on hour long bike rides. I grew up taking daily dance classes and then teaching weekly dance classes. We both never had the issue of being inactive and I think we also have both had fast metabolisms.

I have always had the idea that while pregnant, I ought to eat what I want when I want, especially if I am craving it. I literally had days I would only eat Cheetos. It was honestly the only thing that didn’t make me nauseous at the time.

I didn’t realize that my habits were passing on to my husband. I suppose it was in cause of the habit of “sharing a meal” together. So we would sit down at the dinner table with a bag of Cheetos by candle light haha. What a blessing it was that at this time our two year old Esperanza was getting healthy meals at the Montessori Day Care Centre.

My husband has never cared for being strict with the nutritional aspects of his meals. This was until he saw this family photo of how overweight he was. And he finally admitted, we need to only have healthy meals in this house.

The last time I was postpartum with my oldest daughter Esperanza, I loss weight with one simple method: make every food item in a meal whole grain, fresh produce and lean meat. This was the only change I made to our meals. So we ate our pastas, casseroles and pastries. But they were always made with the healthiest ingredients, making it easier to enjoy guilt free.

However, this postpartum season was much different than the last. This time I suffered from postpartum depression. The hardest part of depression is the loss of motivation to get things done. And this goes as far as things that are important aspects of life, like eating a properly balanced diet.

Often time Jesiah would come home from work to no dinner on the table. I felt awful about this, but I was so drained from experiencing frequent anxiety attacks. I also was experiencing periods of insomnia as my body adjusted to antidepressant medication. This made me a walking zombie. So with Jesiah having to figure out dinner on his own most evenings, he would opt for what came naturally to most husbands… pick up the phone and order take out.

We were clearly seeing the outcome of our unhealthy lifestyle in our overweight family photos. At a time like this there is no shame in getting professional help. There are meal subscription services out there that deliver a week’s worth of food right to your door.

2 Guys With Knives is one particular service that is focused on flavourful meals with strict nutritional values. This was a better option for us to commit to a healthy meal subscription service in order to kick start better eating habits.

2 Guys With Knives is especially helpful for me because unlike other meal subscription packages, these meals are already prepared! I have to be honest in admitting I have no desire to cook these days. The excitement and joy has been lost since dealing with postpartum depression. It simply feels like an overwhelming burden.

Perhaps one day this will change. But as of now I am so happy with our decision of 2 Guys With Knives! These meals are unlike what I have experienced in meal subscription packages. They aren’t just flavourful, but it is balanced and blended in the appropriate manner for the type of ingredients being displayed.

Last night we experienced the zucchini pasta and were blown away! I’ve made zucchini pasta before. But I had no idea it had the potential to taste at this height of sophisticated flavour. My husband compared this dish to a Michelin star restaurant quality dish.

There were carrots mixed into the pasta which I usually don’t like. But this was definitely well thought out. The crunch of the carrot and even it’s subtle flavour played well with the zucchini pasta’s sauce.

The sauce that covered this all was not flavoured in an attempt to make the dish seem like it was pretending to be an average pasta dish to fool those about to eat it. No, this dish was far from any pasta dish we have ever experienced and we loved it!

It was creamy, crunchy and savoury. I felt I needed a glass of white wine along side it. This could have just as easily been used for a romantic dinner.

We look forward to our continued time of experiencing 2 Guys With Knives. And you can look forward to follow-up reviews as we part-take in each meal. CLICK HERE to get $20 OFF your first order of 2 Guys With Knives with discount code #MATURINGMAMA

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