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Family Valentine – Glow Salon

Family Valentine – Glow Salon

Valentine’s Day is one marketed for couples in love. It’s portrayed as though it must be spent one on one, doing romantic activities. However once you fast forward five to ten years and off spring are thrown into the mix; this idea changes. Parents often don’t have the childcare necessary to get rid of the kids to celebrate that evening alone.

Not to mention if your sitters are teenagers, they are likely on dates themselves.

I personally believe at this point that Valentine’s Day is more special when it’s celebrated as a family. So this year I decided to have a Family Valentine’s Day. One where it’s not solely for my husband and I to be treated. But for my kids to be treated as well.

Valentine’s Day has always been one meant to look extra special on. Whether it’s getting a manicure, pedicure or facial; the goal is to bring the best out of our appearance. It’s a time to remind our significant other why they fell in love.

I know, I know, it’s what’s on the inside that matters too. But let’s be real, your appearance is likely what caught his eye first!

Going to the salon is my “me-time”. Especially after spending day after day doing things for everyone else in my home. It’s absolutely glorious to have an hour or two where I am pampered from head to toe by a beautiful aesthetician.

There’s nothing better than finding the right salon that makes you feel at home. This is Glow Salon for me! While other salons are noisy, crowded and quite honestly very similar to a factory line-up; Glow Salon is the equivalent of being at a relaxing resort!

Ramandeep and Jaspreet are a dynamic duo in their quality of service. Jaspreet is a mother herself, with two beautiful girls ages 8 and 10. These ladies have a heart for community and families as they show my daughter the same kindness they show me. (Even when she’s acting like a typical threenager).

The ladies speak calmly and are patient as I explain what I’d like to get done. When I sit before them, their attention is solely on me. They aren’t rushing around to other clients as I’ve had happen at other salons. I swear these salons would even forget I was there.

One attribute of these beautiful ladies that struck me as gold standard service, was that they refused to speak in another language in front of me. For me, this portrays the utmost respect!

I wanted to teach my three year old, Esperanza, what the joys are of being pampered by quality service. So we went for a mommy/daughter pedicure. Especially because Esperanza is the oldest of my two girls, moments like these remind her that she not only has responsibilities as the oldest child, but she also has privileges.

When looking for service that is customer focused, this salon is the one to visit. For this month only, treat yourself to 10% off when you show this blog post at Glow Salon.

Glow Salon
15161 BC-10, Surrey, BC V3S 9A5

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