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A Kiss As I Sleep…

A Kiss As I Sleep…

My parents were not together when I was born. My dad came by periodically and when he did, my excitement could almost shake the room. One of my fondest memories of my father was when I was a little girl and had gone to sleep. He came by to see my mother and I didn’t know until I was awaken by a kiss on the cheek.

I was groggy as I slightly opened my eyes to see him creep out of my bedroom. But that kiss meant the world to me even though I didn’t get the chance to give one back or say hello.

My husband often leaves for work very early in the morning while I am still asleep. Perhaps God orchestrated it this way so I can have this special gift from my husband every day.

The best part of my day, is when he kisses me before he leaves the bedroom. His kisses don’t always wake me up. But the times that I stir awake for a brief period and see his face lingering near mine as he strokes my face… it takes my breath away.

You see, a kiss while awake is great too but it’s not as special to me. Because a kiss while I’m asleep, means that he longed for me even in a moment when he couldn’t tell I longed for him.

A kiss while I’m asleep means he desired the touch of my skin just for himself this time. It wasn’t to prove his love to me. It wasn’t to ask for something in return. It was a kiss just for him.

This then made it a kiss just for me! It meant he desired me while not expecting I would desire him back in that moment. It means his love for me surpasses me giving love back in return.

Something so simple… just a kiss while asleep.

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