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Shoe Charms – The Latest Trend From 4Kix

Shoe Charms – The Latest Trend From 4Kix

I’ve been trying to keep up with trends these days… Don’t laugh, I’m being serious!

It’s hard to do as a mom, right? I mean my priority for the last seven years has been to find clothes that fit my ever changing body and hide spit up and food stains.

The thing about being trendy though, is that you’ve also got to work a little harder to stand out. I mean when walking my daughter to school, I tend to dress like every other mom I see on the way. You know the style- high waisted leggings with a Lulu lemon hoody and runners. It’s the millennial mom look.

Accessories are key to show the world who you are and what you’re into. And I’m not talking about jewelry items that are inconveniently within the baby’s reach.

Have you heard of shoe charms? They are jewelry for your shoes from 4Kix, created by Nadine Hallack.

These are stunning intricately designed pieces that easily strap onto your shoes. Imagine being able to add sparkle, a pop of color or a bit of sass to your shoes. Those are shoe charms from 4KiX!

There are so many fun designs to choose from that let your personality shine! For me, I love the “lux” style. They’ve got that posh sparkle like a chandelier. 4KiX have these shoe charms that depict that lux style perfectly!

These shoe charms are easy to wrap on any sneaker, flipflop and even a pair of strappy heels! It makes your personality shine through your fashion!

Here is founder and creator Nadine Hallack to tell us more:

1. How did you come up with this idea of Shoe Charms? Can you take us back to that season?

My idea initially was to create a shoe that had interchangeable charms, but then I realized what the market was really missing was a charm that could attach to all kinds of footwear vs having to buy a specific shoe and be limited to wearing that charm with only that shoe.

I’ve always loved accessories, especially the sparkly kind, so it made total sense to me that we should be able to personalize our footwear using accessories the way we do with the rest of our outfit.

I also wanted to create a product that’s inclusive. I think for far too long, fashion has been a very exclusive space, making people feel marginalized for one reason or another be it shape, size or cost. I think everyone deserves to belong, to feel good, to experience a positive body and self image, and to have fun with self-expression. Our shoe charms are designed with all of those things in mind.
Our goal is to celebrate you and the fact that we’re all unique, creating community from our diversity.

Shoe charms are the hottest new trend in accessories and ours use a method of attachment invented by and completely unique to us, so they’re truly one of a kind and so easily interchangeable. You should be able to personalize the shoes you already own the same way you do with your clothing.

2. What can customers expect from the quality of shoe charms?

Our charms are carefully chosen and mindfully made. The bases use a combination of eco-friendly silicone and metal and then the charms come in a carefully curated selection of styles and materials. Each piece is hand finished. The result is a product that feels luxurious and has the flair of higher end brands, but is more affordable. They also attach in seconds without you having to unlace your shoes, are super comfortable to wear even on flip flops, and don’t fall off.

3. Are there any care instructions for shoe charms?

They’re pretty low maintenance, but we would recommend you keep them either in their box or pouch when they’re not in use, wipe them with a cloth once in a while, and maybe avoid kicking a football around too often while wearing them. Basically, treat them as you would your favourite pairs of shoes!

4. Which charms are your best sellers and which would you recommend to moms?

That’s a tough one! We have quite a few favorites, which is wonderful. We’ve sold out of our Bullseye, Cloud 9 and Loved Up charms 4 times already. We’ve also sold out of our Happy Hearts and Heart 2 Heart charms 3 times. Thankfully, we restock all the time and drop new styles every month or two. Evil eyes are also a signature of ours, so we’re adding a fourth evil eye charm in the next month or so.

For moms I’d highly recommend literally any and all of our eye styles. They even look gorgeously styled all together! I’d also recommend the Happy Hearts and Loved Up charms as well as Cloud 9 and Over the Rainbow, which is a recently added style.

We have two new pieces dropping in March, too and I think those will be really popular and really joyous for all our amazing mamas. We love spreading joy and making people feel good.

5. What is the best age range for shoe charms?

There’s no strict age range for the charms. Our customers’ age range has been so broad, but if I had to narrow it down, I’d say they’ve been most popular with ages 7-25 and then 35-45.

Mamas it’s time we have fun with our fashion in a new way! Go to using discount code MAMA15 for 15% off!

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