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Vegan Pants That Fit Every Season of Motherhood – Hippie Pants

Vegan Pants That Fit Every Season of Motherhood – Hippie Pants

“We are also dreamers and travellers who want to inspire you through the color and style of our Thai hippie pants.”

Hippie Pants

While living in North America, I’ve noticed it can be so easy to get blinded by the common styles of mainstream culture. Its focus is on what’s trendy. The goal is to blend in with styles worn by everyone. It brings no real inspiration of the beauty the world at large holds.

The first time I saw Thai style pants was at an international college for humanitarian studies which my husband and I attended as newly weds. We students were learning how to impact the world in a positive way and working towards spending months in a foreign country doing humanitarian work.

Most of these students were North American but their styles of clothing were out of this world. They dressed themselves in representation of the country and community that they desired to be a part of and learn from. Many of these students wore Thai clothing and it was inspiring!

The bright colors and designs took you to another world just by looking at them. It sparked emotion inside of me. It made me desire to learn more about humanity and culture. It’s amazing when a style of clothing can do more than make you fit in.

Putting on my first pair of these Thai style pants was amazing! It’s the silkiest material that’s so light weight, you feel cozy and yet like you’re not wearing much at all.  The designs also make them so easy to dress up and dress down.

When looking for authentic Thai style clothing there’s no better place to shop than Hippie Pants. Hippie Pants has vegan and fair trade Thai style clothing that’s sustainably hand made in Thailand from 100% cotton & bamboo rayon. They pride themselves on using vegan alternatives to leather, wool and silk and they also try to reduce plastic by using wooden buttons instead.

Hippie Pants is an independent, fair trade store for Thai Pants, Shirts & Kimonos mostly for women but also for men! Despite serving the North American market, Hippie Pants is true to sourcing products that genuinely encompass Thai culture. They use single origin material native to Thailand and everything is handmade in rural areas by Thai artisans who have been working with these materials for generations. Of course everything is biodegradable and vegan friendly using only wood, cotton and bamboo rayon.

This is a brand that not only represents Thai culture but gives back to Thai artisans!

Hippie Pants’ values are focused on creating a fair and just world. This focus is evident in the way they produce their clothing and also in their treatment toward others- starting with those they work with and continuing on to the final customer. They aim to help provide sustainable income primarily for women living in rural areas who would otherwise depart for urban cities and potentially separate from their families.

At the same time Hippie Pants strives to provide a reasonable price for their customers. Thai is the reason they don’t often run promotions and rarely offer steep discounts. They are one of the few brands that lives by their principles and every year explain why they do not participate in Black Friday!

Hippie Pants’ brand of clothing is truly one that inspires comfort and ease in the way we dress and helps take away a little of the stress of day to day life.

For Mamas with ever changing bodies, this delivers clothing styles that work with our bodies rather than against it. Hippie Pants’ breathable material will assist in those seasons of hot flashes as well as those seasons of weight changes. The harem pants range double up as rompers and the fisherman pants are wrap pants which are adjustable at the waist. This means they can be tied snugly every time – very useful for pregnancy or those with a shifting body weight.

Finally we should mention that they have a fair priced Plus Size range. Brands often overcharge on plus size, but Hippie Pants provides various patterns of plus size harem pants that are stunning! I especially love how fashionable these styles are despite being as comfortable as loungewear.

As Mamas we especially want to support a brand that takes care of the next generation, (these are our babies’ future) and Hippie Pants does just that. Here are a list of their guarantees that go beyond the average clothing brand:

– Guarantee that no children under the age of 18 make, or are involved, with our products in any way.

– We provide equality for men and women in pay and opportunity

– We pay a fair wage to all workers

– We prepay our designers and seamstresses so that they never go into debt

– We promote modern products based on local Thai traditions and produce them locally. This keeps traditions alive and provides income in rural areas.

It’s time for our wardrobe to do more than cover our bodies. Let’s impact the world at large with a purchase from Hippie Pants. To shop go to

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