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The Quality of Turkish Towels Handmade By Turkish Women

The Quality of Turkish Towels Handmade By Turkish Women

“All of our products are hand loomed, hand poured, hand knitted, hand stitched… by women for you.”


One of the hardships of motherhood is as follows, you’re walking down the hallway and pass by your kids’ bathroom only to then step on a soggy towel. Add to that, a quick glance into the kids’ bathroom shows you where everyone else has chosen to discard of their towels after bath time. God only knows how long they have been sitting in that damp pile collecting germs.

The one phrase I say constantly that lands on deaf ears is “Pick up your towels!”. It’s like I’m suddenly on mute or speaking another language.

The kids’ towels are washed more often than I wash their underwear! And what that means is that their towels feel like sand paper because of the constant washing. This texture damages their skin and their hair!

Both my girls have curly hair- especially my oldest has thick curly hair. When this hair is dried with a hard towel, it is terribly damaged.

And these crispy towels look awful in our home when hanging from a towel rack. I’m not the only one that equates towels to decor pieces right? They need to match the surroundings and elevate the room’s aesthetic. A dried up crispy towel does anything but! 

Did you know there is a brand of towel that is soft and gets softer with every wash? They dry much quicker than the average towel and come in the most beautiful styles! So beautiful that they can be used as a decor piece or a fashionable item wrapped around our bodies- these are Turkish Towels.

Quiquattro is a Turkish brand of hand made Turkish Towels by Turkish women!  Quiquattro knows all things Turkish Towels and ship out of Columbus Ohio. Their values encourage the empowerment of women and portions of their proceeds are sent to Bridge to Turkiye educational fund that educates Turkish teenage girls.

With Quiquattro Turkish Towels you are guaranteed ethical manufacturing. That means no child labour or illegal immigrants are involved in their manufacturing processes. Quiquattro know their manufacturers personally and know their towels/textile well.

Quiquattro was created by 3 lifelong friends who wanted to make a platform that encouraged buying from female artisans and businesses that employ women.

Turkish Towels are an ideal alternative to regular bath towels. Upon receiving my first Turkish Towel from Quiquattro I noticed the feeling was very light. It felt even lighter than a t-shirt. I questioned how exactly this towel would soak up water in the same manner as my regular towel. I was blown away by the functionality!

This towel absorbs fast! With my regular towel I wipe a portion of my body multiple times before it’s dry. This Turkish Towel literally soaked up the water on my skin making my drying time quick!

The feel of the Turkish Towel on my body was so soft it felt like I had just grabbed a bed sheet off my bed to dry myself off. I’m seriously shocked it actually works! I definitely didn’t understand what all the fuss was about online, but there is fuss to be had!

Now, the real test was the use of this towel on my hair first and body afterwards. I have kinky hair which tends to absorb water like a sponge. This means that after I’ve washed my hair, I need to use two towels. One for my hair and one for my body. The one that dries my hair is usually drenched at the end- so one towel for everything will not hold up. It will be soggy!

This Turkish Towel by Quiquattro soaked up the water from my hair and in an absolutely delicate manner. It then took every droplet of water off the rest of my body. I swear to you I have never walked out of the shower feeling completely dry- this is my first time!

These Turkish Towels change everything. I suddenly see my life without crunchy towels. I see my home filled with the beautiful colors of these towels. You can literally toss them anywhere and it’s an instant statement piece. Whereas our regular towels have to be folded neatly in order to look proper. What family with young kids has neatly folded towels in their home???

These towels are ideal for the beach as they do not pick up sand and absorbs water so well! I can’t wait to go camping with these Turkish Towels! Camping with towels is the worst. They’re soaking wet most of the time and get stinky fast, not to mention you’re left carrying around this heavy weight.

Turkish Towels are so light weight that it would take so much of the headache away of carrying a towel to the beach, pool or camping. And they’re so stylish I’d easily wear this as a dress wrap. You know when you wrap it from behind, bring up and tie behind your neck- so fashionable!

Quiquattro is more than a quality Turkish Towel, it is a mindset of giving back to those in need while providing opportunities for future generations.

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