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The Capsule Wardrobe Explained with Eleven44

The Capsule Wardrobe Explained with Eleven44

“A capsule wardrobe is a succinct set of interchangeable garments which are classic in style and versatile in their ability to work in multiple ways with each other interchangeably… minimizing clothing consumption”


I am not a laundromat, I am a mother. Can “laundromat” not be a major aspect of motherhood?

My mom friends and I did something very brave the other day. We shared photos of 1 week’s worth of dirty laundry. It was atrocious! Together we literally mourned the loss of our free time and uncluttered space. 

I feel like the laundry situation for my mom was hardly this bad when I was a kid. But mind you, my sisters and I wore a uniform to school at the time. Two outfits that I alternated each day so one could air out while I wore the other.

Can life be that simple today?

I’ll be honest about the categories of clothing I currently have; I have one category called Home Outfits. These are outfits that include maternity clothes, torn clothes and washed out clothes.

I then have my Gym Outfits. That’s anything with that breathable material that absorbs sweat.

Then there’s my Casual Outfits. The kind that look nice to go out in, but I can still chase my kids around in.

Then I have Fancy Outfits- the kind I wear maybe twice a year… and yet there’s so many of these outfits in my closet.

So how many times on average, per week, do I wear each category of outfit? And how many in one week?

For my Home Outfits I wear one outfit for at least 2 days before switching to another Home Outfit. Because I work from home, this is my primary clothing option. So that’s like 3 outfits per week.

My Casual Outfits only see the light of day twice a week and only for a few short hours; on Tuesday evenings when my mom friends and I have our girls’ nights and on Saturdays when we have birthday parties and play dates with friends.

For my Gym Outfits I wear the same clothes for at least two work out sessions before switching. So that’s two Gym Outfits per week. 

So realistically I only need eight quality outfits that are easily interchangeable. That’s:

– 3 Home Outfits
– 2 Casual Outfits
– 2 Gym Outfits
– 1 Fancy Outfit

I can tell you for a fact I have at least close to 40 outfits and most of them are hiding under the outfits I like to wear. In fact I was searching for a specific shirt one time and removed all of the clothes from my shelf. I found around 5 shirts I had forgotten about.

My family’s dressers struggle to close. Most of the mess around our house is random strays of laundry. It’s a nightmare! I feel like I’m being swallowed by all this laundry.

There is an easier way! It’s called a Capsule Wardrobe. I’ve heard this term before and it intimidated me. Coming up with a minimalist wardrobe with specific interchangeable styles seemed like a daunting task. But eleven44 makes it easy to do with quality clothing in styles that surpass what’s trendy so you always look great!

Here is Linda from eleven44 to tell us more:

1. What is a capsule wardrobe and why do you believe it would be beneficial to Mamas and their families?

A capsule wardrobe is a succinct set of interchangeable garments which are classic in style and versatile in their ability to work in multiple ways with each other interchangeably. The purpose and function of a capsule wardrobe is to save you time and money, mostly and to give you a more streamlined way of managing your style. It is also a way of minimizing clothing consumption and creating a more thoughtful way of building and maintaining your wardrobe. 

In my experience having less clothes and paring down to just what looks really good on you actually gives you much more range to hone in on your style. Once you start the process of moving into a capsule wardrobe mindset, you will start to realize how much clothing you have that you never use. Just let it go!

2. How does eleven44 benefit the fight against consumerism and what is your vision for the impact it has on the future?

My philosophy with eleven44 has always been to create high quality garments that are beyond trends, using long lasting and environmentally careful fabrics to have longevity in your life. As Viviene Westwood so famously said  “Buy less. Choose well. Make it last. Quality, not quantity. Everybody’s buying far too many clothes”
This has been the foundation of what I have worked to create with eleven44.

Decades of unhinged manufacturing and consumption has brought us to exactly where we are and it’s long overdue that we must reel it in. It may seem strange to my customers that I try to discourage them sometimes from buying things from my shop since I run a retail business, but honestly I would much prefer that they only buy items that they really need and will use repeatedly than impulse buy something that they will never wear once.

I encourage them to think about how they will use a garment from my collection. Shopping can sometimes be a pass time to compensate for many things, like loneliness or depression – that also needs to be something we look at as a culture.

3. What can customers anticipate concerning the quality of items bought from eleven44?

For our activewear and bodycon clothing I use GOTS certified organic cotton and I prefer to use fabric that is thicker than what most activewear brands use. It lasts longer, and it also does wonderful things to the body – lifting and sculpting like a firm hug. 

We take care to use quality thread for stitching and take extra time to reinforce seams that get more load. Our clothes last longer. I love to use bamboo jersey for our drapey and flowy garments and it just looks gorgeous on everyone – it falls around the body like a dream. Bamboo textiles are not perfect – no manufacturing is perfect – but I believe that every small step taken towards being cleaner is a step in the right direction.

4. What are the values of eleven44?

We are concerned with all the ways that our work impacts the whole. With that as a foundation of our business we take care about the environmental and social impact. We use certified organic textiles or other eco options in all our collections. We trade fairly and take care with waste management. This is an important part of the whole business, not just the waste from textile manufacturing. We have a small but tight knit team that supports women and education.

5. What is one must-have item for Mamas from eleven44 and why?

Definitely our kaftans! We have a few versions with different necklines and sleeve options. Personally, it is one of my favorite garments I have ever designed and I use them all the time for myself.

They are equally glorious as pajamas or comfy loungewear at home as they are dressed up with accessories to go out to any type of event. I have been told by many of my customers that they used the kaftan to go to a wedding and felt so lux while being incredibly comfortable. Made from bamboo jersey it just drapes so heavenly.

It’s time to make your wardrobe one that will last and take away your need to shop unnecessarily. Shop now on

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