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A Crib that benefits the home – Milk Street Baby

A Crib that benefits the home – Milk Street Baby

“Transitional Furniture for your nursery, with vision, quality and safety in mind. We believe furniture is for keeping.”

Milk Street Baby

Our girls are three and six and they’ve gone through five beds in their short life time. I’m not kidding.

We’ve had to do some serious trial and error concerning the beds they’ve slept in. There was only ever one bed that held up until my girls grew out of it- their crib.

Our crib had the attachment of a dresser and change table. It also went from a crib to a toddler bed.

It was sturdy enough to survive two of my little monkeys who love jumping in their beds (if I ever meet the creator of that song…).

This crib survived a time period when my oldest would sneak into the baby’s bed at night for cuddles. It held up to the times I spent sleeping in the baby’s crib when she was cranky (and hubs needed his sleep for work the next day- so she was not sleeping in our bed).

My husband has even spent time in that crib with both girls at the same time reading stories and it held up.

This crib was where my girls created their first fort. It’s where they first learned to share.

This crib was given to us second hand by relatives and we were able to pass this on to another family when we were done using it.

As for the other beds my kids have gone through- they are literally in the trash. The quality was that poor and we purchased these brand new.

Truly a crib isn’t just the baby’s bed, it’s a place where memories are made for the whole family. And when it’s for our little ones at their most vulnerable, it needs to be of the highest quality.

That’s why furniture company Milk Street, with quality made furniture for nurseries is the place for parents to shop.

With modern baby furniture sets that cover every style from mid century modern to bohemian minimalist. They combine unmistakable design and unparalleled craftsmanship in these trend-setting, gender neutral crib collections.

Using only Greenguard Gold certified paints and stains to assure that nothing compromises the integrity of your baby’s first room resting place.

Here is Milk Street to tell us more:

“A crib is one of the most important purchases you will make in your lifetime. Why? It’s the only place where you will leave your baby unattended for up to 8 hours at a time.

You want that place to be a haven; safe, comfortable, and beautiful. That is why it is our mission to create beautiful nursery furniture that doesn’t sacrifice safety for design.

Milk Street strives to design truly transitional baby furniture that can transcend the age old design boundaries.

Our cribs can be traditional, modern, casual or contemporary. We blur the lines, giving you the ultimate freedom to design the nursery of your dreams.”

Make your baby’s first bed a safe haven with your purchase from Milk Street. Shop now at

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