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Better Gut Health with Entegro Health

Better Gut Health with Entegro Health

Did you know that the gastrointestinal system (better known as the gut) is vital for overall functional health? It is the first line of defense as 80% of the immune system resides in our gut. Unfortunately, gut issues not only affect that organ, but your entire body.

The following are real reviews from customers that have used the all natural artisanal probiotic Flourish by Entegro Health:

‘I was having issues with digestion, lack of energy, and feeling bloated all the time. I started taking Flourish and could really feel that it was working through my system in the first few weeks. Now, I don’t feel bloated AT ALL even after bigger meals and I have more general energy. What a great life change! My kids also started taking Flourish and have been much more regular with their digestion. They’re happier babies! They seem to be able to fight illness better which has been big for us this cold & flu season. I highly recommend Flourish if you struggle with similar issues!’


‘Flourish has been one of the best things I have given my daughter. My daughter has GI issues and has been on medication for years. She’s eight years old. But since giving her these probiotics, it seems that her gut issues are slowly diminishing and I can attribute that to Flourish. Getting good bacteria into her gut has been really helping the issues that she has. I cannot recommend this product enough!!!’


‘This probiotic is different than ones I’ve tried in the past. Flourish works immediately to ensure my digestion is on track and things keep moving. I also like it for keeping us healthy and happy!’


Here is Entegro Health to tell us more about Flourish and it’s benefits for Mamas and their families:

What are the signs of poor gut health, specifically in moms?

Through pregnancy and beyond, moms can struggle with inflammation, heartburn, constipation, bloating, gas, brain fog, fatigue, and more. Over time, moms may experience a variety of factors that affect our gut bacteria negatively, such as changes in routine, poor diet, antibiotic use, and (here’s a couple we can all relate to) lack of sleep and stress. These all contribute to a microbiome imbalance.

What can customers expect with regular use of Flourish living probiotics?

Our gut is the primary connection to the outside world, and the human body is designed to have a balanced gut bacteria population. Many are surprised to learn that 80% of the immune system resides in the gut. The good bacteria in Flourish probiotics can help to restore and replenish the natural balance of good microbes in our gut for optimal health.

Research suggests that probiotics, when ingested on a regular basis, can confer benefits such as:
– improve food digestion
– promote bowel regularity
– relieve gas that causes bloating
– support body’s inflammatory response
– strengthen the immune system
– promote healthy skin
– support brain health
– benefit oral health
– support bone health
– maintain healthy weight (as part of a weight management program)

How are Entegro Health products more beneficial than similar products of its kind?

The primary way probiotics are beneficial to the gut is that they lower the pH in the colon, making it an unfriendly place for pathogenic, or bad, bacteria. When helpful bacteria take up more space, there’s less room for harmful bacteria to occupy!

In the typical probiotic production process, the bacteria are grown separately by strain. The nutrients and environment the bacteria have created are then spun off in a process called centrifugation, leaving only the bacteria in paste form. The probiotic bacteria are then freeze-dried and ground into a fine powder to be combined into a capsule.

The Flourish Way is to keep it simple, letting the bacteria lead the way.
There are 5 important features that make Flourish exceptional. Our 11 diverse strains of living beneficial bacteria are grown together in community. NEVER freeze-dried, Flourish probiotics continue to thrive and multiply continuously within their most natural liquid environment, even after bottling.

The all-natural synergistically fermented Flourish liquid contains not only these health-promoting bacteria, but also their nutrients and organic by-products, including short chain fatty acids, bioactive peptides, amino acids, enzymes, and minerals all working together.

This complete broth makes our probiotics extremely resilient. Flourish is naturally acidic, assuring these healthy bacteria will survive the stomach acid unscathed and transit to the lower GI tract where they are needed.

How/Why was Entegro Health started?

Entegro Health was founded in 2015 by a team of passionate, hard-working individuals who were excited about the idea of using living bacteria to help people live healthier, more productive lives.

Our Headquarters and the home of our all-natural, living probiotics are proudly located in Sioux Center, Iowa. In the beginning, the raw, organic ingredients were selected, vetted, tried, and tested. The recipes were perfected in small batches made up in mason jars and glass carboys, and cleared by an independent lab in Omaha, NE.

Today, our stainless-steel vessels still allow for small batch production and bottling, which gives us the opportunity to have the freshest product available to our customers. This is an aspect that we continue to cherish at Entegro Health, as we believe that every batch is unique and, certainly, all are special to us.

For moms, what is the best method of incorporating Flourish into our busy schedules?

We understand that moms are busy! Making Flourish part of your daily routine is simple. One of the amazing benefits of Flourish being kept in its natural liquid form is that it’s easy to adjust the dosage depending on age, previous gut ailments, or personal preference.

Every microbiome is unique and what works for others may be different than what works for you. Anyone at any age can enjoy either version of Flourish (Original or Junior.) It can also be mixed with fruit juice or smoothies. The recommended dosage for adults is just 1 Tablespoon daily, and just 1 ml per year of age in children. Flourish is all-natural and dosage does not need to be an exact measurement. Consistency is key!

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